Converge is a Digital Agency
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We use what's new and next in inbound marketing, content strategy, digital advertising, search engine optimization and web analytics to positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement for colleges and universities around the world.

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Blog: What's New & Next

In this episode of Friday After Class, Mikayla will walk you through scheduling a social media post in HubSpot.

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This October at Converge 2015, our focus is to bring the best and brightest together to revolutionize higher education. In this …

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Once laughable, vertical video is now becoming a tall, narrow force to be reckoned with. Wondering what this means for our indus…

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Robyn Anderson shares her know-how on all things inbound. She will explain best practices and disclose information about her fav…

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Inbound marketing is based on the idea that traditional or outbound marketing tactics are no longer effective.

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Omni Royal Orleans | New Orleans, Louisiana | October 21-22, 2015

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