Digital Storytelling: Show and Tell

Chapter 8: Digital Storytelling: Show and Tell

We are excited to announce that we have created an eBook version of our book, Memorable Marketing, Measurable Results. We will be releasing a chapter monthly for download. Each chapter is full of practical tips, case studies and strategy – breaking down what’s new and next in the marketing world and how to use it for higher education.

Chapter 8 focuses on why higher education needs to embrace digital storytelling – and how to tell your story.

  • Are you using video to engage with your prospective students? Show them your institution’s student experience through short video clips.
  • How much do you think video production costs? You will likely be surprised at how affordable professional video production has become.
  • Are you using YouTube strategically, or just as a way to host a myriad of unrelated videos? This is your opportunity to get ahead of the competition! Craft quality digital stories.
  • What is the story that you want to tell?

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1.8 million. Bottom line: Video engages. You need to engage. You need to be making videos and this chapter is a practical guide to getting started with digital storytelling.

“Converge Consulting’s inbound marketing book speaks directly to what is new and next in marketing. Coming from the agency world and working with global brands, I understand the importance of embracing these concepts and more importantly using the right tools when it comes to implementing the. At Northwestern University we discuss these topics often. The content in this book is wonderfully relevant for all marketing professionals,” said Mary Baglivo, Chief Marketing Officer at Northwestern University.

We believe in it. We wrote the book. Dive into inbound marketing for higher education.

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Ann Oleson
Ann Oleson
October 28, 2015