What's New and Next in SEO? Turn to Nampa, Idaho

What’s New and Next in SEO? Turn to Nampa, Idaho.

posted by on December 23, 2015 in Converge Blog

What’s New and Next in SEO? Turn to Nampa, Idaho.

At Converge 2015, I had the privilege to present with Zach Vineyard, director of web development at Northwest Nazarene University. During our presentation, Zach shared the secret to his success at NNU.

Zach and his nimble team have enacted an inbound marketing strategy that’s producing amazing results. NNU implemented a strategic content plan that included 10 content themes in a 12-month period, and they’ve seen positive results across the board.

NNU’s plan began with a sound SEO strategy that utilized the latest tools and thinking that’s helping Zach and his team attract the right prospects to his school by engaging them with fresh, relevant content.

Value, Value, Value

Value is future-proof and algorithm-proof. If you are creating content with a point of view and always delivering value to your readers, you won’t need to worry about the next Google algorithm. You will always rank high.

Think Keyword Themes

Don’t worry about answering the question, “How will I rank for this search query?” Think, “How do I best answer the questions my users have?” You do this most effectively by thinking about keyword themes.

The Technical Stuff

Take care of the “blocking and tackling.” Make sure your HTML title tags contain keywords relevant to your page topics. Also, make sure your meta description tags and headers contain relevant keywords and descriptors.

Off-Page Links

Again, make sure quality is your guiding principle. Are your links from a quality and trusted source? Make sure those links use words and phrases you want to be found for.

Be Social

Zach used the phrase made popular by NPR: COPE.

Create once publish everywhere.

These are some of the highlights from Zach’s presentation at Converge 2015.

We hope to see you at Converge 2017 in beautiful, warm Palm Springs, CA.

Jay Kelly
Jay Kelly
December 23, 2015