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New and Next at TargetX: Three Takeaways from 2016 CRM Summit

One of higher education’s most anticipated annual events – the CRM Summit – wrapped up on Tuesday, July 19. Presidents, vice presidents, deans, administrators and other professionals walked away with a better understanding of CRM best practices, inbound marketing and data tracking. Each person wanted to gain an advantage to bring back to campus, and this year’s event didn’t disappoint. Between the numerous sessions, workshops and keynote speakers, attendees had various opportunities to enhance their CRM strategy. While there were many conference takeaways, three stand out.

How to Raise an Adult

To kick off day two of the conference, Julie Lythncott-Haims, former dean of freshman at Stanford University, delivered a brilliant presentation on how to raise an adult. She discussed her experiences with college students incapable of figuring out real-life problems without help from parents or guardians. As she engaged with the audience about a relevant problem in our society, they hung from her every word.


In Julie’s New York Times Best Seller, How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success, she describes the dilemma. Parents are determined to ensure that their children are on the path to greatness, but few allow them to find that path independently. Whether they’re completing their child’s homework to achieve a good grade or overscheduling their kids to exhaustion, parents are asserting control over their children’s lives.

The audience gave Julie a standing ovation after her presentation. Her lecture hit home for many attendees, not only as higher education professionals, but also as parents.

Networking Opportunities Galore

Nine sponsors and various universities and corporations attended this year’s CRM Summit, with a grand total of around five hundred attendees. What does that mean for a sponsor like Converge? Networking opportunities!

Lunch Panel

The photo above was taken at a lunch where attendees asked current students, corporate members and university members about current best practices in social media marketing. We spread the word about Converge and also contributed suggestions based on what we’ve seen work for our clients.

CRM Tips, Tricks and Tools for Veterans and Newbies

With numerous open discussions and mini training sessions, there were plenty of chances for CRM managers and administrators to learn. I sat in on two sessions that generated a lot of great discussion.

John Sterni from the University of the Pacific and Christine Kensey from TargetX hosted the first session. They addressed newly employed CRM managers and administrators and offered guidance on getting comfortable with their CRM. They also addressed veteran CRM managers and administrators looking for new technology and tools. John and Christine gave session attendees great content and tools to implement immediately.

The second session, hosted by the University of Boston, covered how every interaction is crucial to your CRM. From open houses to on- and off-campus events and campus tours, successful interactions are crucial to the success of your CRM. In both sessions, presenters made sure each CRM manager and administrator was better equipped to manage their CRM.

The TargetX CRM Summit was a great learning experience. We had a great time – not only educating people about Converge and the work we do, but also learning from other organizations. This was a Summit we won’t soon forget!

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Connor Kelly
Connor Kelly
August 4, 2016