5 Images You Need in Your Image Library

5 Images You Need in Your Image Library

Photography is a powerful tool for colleges and universities. It’s used for print collateral, digital ads, websites, social media and more. You want images to convey a message – to attract, intrigue, comfort, inspire – and make the observer react to your school’s brand. While “brand” may differ from school to school, there’s a general structure for visually representing your brand that may be similar across higher education.


Here is a short list of must-have photos that will prove to be valuable and timeless for visually representing your brand.

1. Campus Beauty – Wow the Viewer

Give your audience a sense of what it’s like to be on campus. Whether a prospective student is preparing for their first visit or an alum is planning to come back for a reunion, show them a range of campus shots that showcase the school landscape and allow the beauty to speak for itself.

uofm                   uc1

2. City/Town Shots – Show the Full Experience

While beautiful campus shots might attract the user to visit campus, photos of the surrounding town will encourage them to stay. These photos show that the school is one part of a larger experience and create a sense of community.

eureka                                          menlo

3. Classroom – Inspire Through Academics

Every school needs photos of one of the most important and defining components of college: the classroom. Classroom shots with engaged students and passionate professors reveal a lot about academics and can set the tone for the students you attract. Do you have diverse classroom experiences? Labs, theater practice, art studios, outdoor classes… these shots differentiate your brand.

souther-adventist                   newmex

4. Student Life – Sneak Peek of Campus Culture

Student activities, both formal and non-formal, are great visual representations of campus culture. Show student diversity and how inclusive your campus feels. Sporting events, social activities in the campus quad, community service projects, Greek life and graduation are moments you should capture in your photo library.

eurekahome                   brescia

5. Alumni – Honor Hard-Working Grads

Don’t forget about the group that inspires future students, gives generously to the school and carries the school name with pride years after graduation: your alumni. These individuals have helped shape your school brand over the years, so alumni photos are a must.

ucigrad                   uci1900

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Colleen Foley
Colleen Foley
October 12, 2016