What Tony Robbins Can Teach Us

What Tony Robbins Can Teach Us About Innovation in Higher Ed

“When you’re green, you are growing… and when you are ripe, you rot.”

That quote is attributed to McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc. Truer words have never been spoken. Ray Kroc has been credited with countless innovations in his industry, and he frequently called store managers offering his council until his death in 1984.

I was reminded of this quote a few weeks ago when Ann and I attended the Inc. 5000 conference in San Antonio. In a room of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, Tony Robbins emphasized that innovation and hunger are the keys to continued and sustainable success.

I am a Tony Robbins devotee. I love his take on success and living a fulfilled life. It’s simple to remember that we all need to be curious to learn and grow, but it’s so much easier to put things in our life on auto-pilot. Especially if they are working.


It’s simple, but it isn’t easy.

Think back to Ray Kroc. It would have been easy to rest on the success of a few of his restaurants and stop innovating. But he never did. Until the end of his life, he considered himself ‘green.’

This is great advice to remember in any profession or in our personal lives. It is especially true for higher education marketers and recruiters. We have to constantly stay ahead of the latest trends in attracting the right students to our programs.

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Jay Kelly
Jay Kelly
November 9, 2016