Digital Advertising: For More Than Just Recruitment

Digital Advertising: For More Than Just Recruitment


Five years ago, digital advertising might not have been the right fit for a highly respected business school, a law school or a large university to consider. They didn’t need to advertise, right? Everyone that knew what they wanted could surely find the university online through a Google search. And certainly, we wouldn’t have considered digital advertising for promotion of an annual fund campaign, a foundation’s billion-dollar capital campaign or to promote a scholarship dinner.

What’s Changed in the Past Five Years?

Time Online

Per Google, the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day. We live in a constant state of connection whether it is our mobile device, a laptop or tablet. A good deal of our lives is spent online.

Key Takeaway: Let’s meet our audience where they are, and take our message to them online.

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The more we know about our audience, the more effective we can be at finding them. Facebook now allows us the opportunity to put in our demographic data and identify look alike audiences. LinkedIn allows us the opportunity to target specifically by job titles, skills, interests and company’s that people work for. Geo-fencing allows us the opportunity to target down to a specific city block in a major metro.

Key Takeaway: We can find our audience and even find those that look like our audience online.


We can effectively measure everything from what ad contributed to a conversion, to how many people converted through retargeting. We have the ability real time—given the right technology—to optimize, report on and view what is happening and how campaigns are performing. Through sophisticated reporting tools, use of new solutions like IBM Watson’s analytics and Google Premium, the opportunity to synthesize data has never been more precise and interesting.

Key Takeaway: We can measure anything online given the right set up for reporting.

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New & Next Ideas for Digital Advertising

We are constantly looking at new ways for our clients to engage. Here are three specific examples of new and next digital advertising not focused on recruitment:

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Annual Fund Campaigns

Test out monthly digital advertising promotions that specifically highlight a gift for participation one month and a contest for participation the next month.

Scholarship Dinner

Implement a digital advertising campaign to promote an annual scholarship dinner to create awareness for the event and purchase of tables to raise funds for the University.

Capital Campaign Advertising

Share news through digital advertising of major gift donor recognition, showcase percent-to-campaign goal, create awareness and drive participation for campaign related events like volunteering.

Think creatively about reaching and connecting with your audiences online.

Digital advertising is a great platform and way to connect with stakeholders who are invested in your brand. You can measure the success of any campaign! Please feel free to contact me directly with any other great examples of digital advertising that are making an impact on your world.

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Ann Oleson
Ann Oleson
December 20, 2016