Reach Your Prospects with Pinterest Advertising

How to Reach Your Prospects with Pinterest Advertising


Advertising on Pinterest is relatively new, but it’s already a great way for higher education marketers to reach prospective students. With Pinterest’s three campaigns, higher education institutions can reach students at various stages of the recruitment funnel. Since 50 percent of Pinterest users are international, Pinterest advertising can also help you diversify your upcoming cohort.

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Awareness Campaigns

Brand awareness campaigns on Pinterest are ideal for prospective students who are at the top of the recruitment funnel and beginning to think about choosing a college or university. Keeping your brand at the top of your prospective students’ minds is key to a successful brand awareness campaign.

Engagement Campaigns

Engagement campaigns on Pinterest are great for targeting prospective students who are further in the recruitment funnel and have already seen ads from various institutions based on their online activity. With engagement campaigns, Pinterest can track your audience’s signals of intent – for example, when a prospective student repins, clicks or looks at a close-up view of a promoted pin.

Traffic Campaigns

Traffic campaigns on Pinterest direct traffic to your website. With a traffic campaign, prospective students can take the next step in the decision-making process by exploring your website or inquiring about a specific program.

You might be asking, “Now that I know about the different campaigns, how do I target my ideal student?” Within the Pinterest platform, you can do this in multiple ways. Like other social platforms, Pinterest utilizes remarketing, custom list targeting and ‘actalike’ audiences. Pinterest also allows you to target prospective students who have already engaged with a pin from your domain by interest or specific keywords they may be searching for within the platform.



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Gina Patterson
Gina Patterson
January 13, 2017