Send a Message: The New Digital Advertising CTA

Send a Message: The New Digital Advertising CTA


The next evolution in digital advertising is here. Instead of sending users to your website or landing page to inquire on a form, get the user to message you directly for a more immediate, meaningful connection. More advertising platforms are introducing solutions to do just that.

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Google AdWords Click-to-Message

Recently out of beta, the Google AdWords click-to-text message extension gives users the option to connect with advertisers via SMS. When users click the message extension or icon, their phone’s SMS app will automatically open to start a conversation with the advertiser. This is a great alternative to engage with audiences that dread phone calls.



LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail has been around for while, but it recently became available on the self-serve platform, eliminating the minimums that once prevented many advertisers from using this ad format.

Sponsored InMail gives advertisers the ability to send messages directly to users while they’re active on LinkedIn. Announce a new program, invite users to upcoming information sessions or send your audience engaging content – the possibilities are endless!



Facebook Messenger Destination Ads

Use your Newsfeed ads to connect with users via Messenger instead of sending them to a landing page. When a user clicks the CTA button within your ad, Messenger will open, allowing users to start a conversation with the advertiser instantly.

Facebook Messenger Destination ads have become more prevalent, allowing advertisers to connect with their audiences on a more personal level. Target your current prospects with this ad format to help answer admissions and application questions.



Facebook Sponsored Messages

This ad format hasn’t been rolled out to all advertisers yet, but it will be the next evolution in promoting direct communication with your target audiences. Sponsored Messages can be delivered directly to a user you already have an existing conversation with via Messenger. This ad format is best for reengaging with your current audience.

Want to connect with your audience in a more personal way? Adding sponsored messaging to your existing digital advertising efforts is a great next step.

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Hayley Warack
Hayley Warack
January 17, 2017