Advice from Dr. Rich Moran, President of Menlo College

The Thing About Work: Advice from An Unusual College President

Dr. Rich Moran is an unusual college president. Outside of his role at Menlo College in Atherton, California, Dr. Moran is a venture capitalist, speaker, social scientist, best-selling author and LinkedIn Influencer. He shared insights from his new book, The Thing About Work, and tips on working with millennials in an ever-changing work environment during his session at #Converge2017.

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His advice is relevant to education because it sheds light on three key elements: culture, communication and work/life balance. His words of wisdom (and severally well-timed jokes) had a room full of EDU thought leaders doing what they do best—thinking about the work we do and why we do it.

Here are the three points that stood out most to me:

The work we do is very important.

Education is about changing lives. Every moment we spend teaching, recruiting and interacting with students is an opportunity to impact the world. We are educating tomorrow’s leaders, inventors and advocates—there isn’t much that is more important than that.

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Education is changing.

There has been quite a bit of disruption in the EDU world, especially in higher education over the past few years, and it isn’t slowing down. More significant changes are inevitable—let’s embrace them as opportunities.

Most of all, enjoy the ride.

At the end of the day, we should enjoy our work, our interactions with colleagues and the mission of education. It’s an important business, yes, but we should all remember to slow down, sit back and appreciate the value of our teams and their work.

Check out more highlights from Dr. Moran’s keynote below.

Jay Kelly
Jay Kelly
May 3, 2017