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Increase Inquiries with LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads for Education

As more prospective students are using mobile devices as part of their enrollment journey, LinkedIn lead generation ads are making the process more efficient. The professional networking platform recently rolled out a new ad type: lead generation ads. These ads allow LinkedIn members to submit their contact and profile information directly within the LinkedIn mobile app without having to manually type their information.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

“With Lead Gen Forms, your institution can drive a high volume of qualified student leads at a conversion rate that outperforms standard campaigns. Prospective students appreciate the frictionless way they can submit a form in just a couple of clicks. And marketing teams value the quality and accuracy of the data because it’s based on LinkedIn member profiles.”

-Ira Amilhussin, Sr. Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

LinkedIn also makes it easy to obtain the submissions from prospective students through third-party integrations or by downloading a .csv file. Currently, LinkedIn integrates with Driftrock and Zapier, and has plans for integrations with several more third-parties rolling out in 2017 and beyond.

Have you implemented LinkedIn lead generation ads into your digital advertising strategy? We would love to hear more about your experience with Lead Gen Ads. Leave your initial thoughts in the comments below or contact us with your ideas. 

Gina Patterson
Gina Patterson
May 9, 2017