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Interactive Content Defined: What Is It and How Is Higher Education Using It?

What is interactive content? It’s content that your audience can interact with and participate in. It is a more engaging way to deliver messaging to your audience and bring experiential learning to your digital marketing mix, making the learning process more meaningful.

Some of the most popular interactive content types are: quizzes, polls, surveys, calculators, contests, brackets and interactive infographics and eBooks. Like all content, it can take many shapes and forms—only limited by your imagination (and technological capability).

In the education space, interactive content could be a quiz prospective students take on your website that matches them to an academic path based on their interests. It could be a bracket that pits degree programs and features against each other in a playful way. It could be a campus map that your website visitors explore to find campus landmarks, classic buildings and new innovative spaces.

Interactive content adds depth to your content strategy, helps you communicate more effectively and gathers useful information about prospective students so you can more effectively give them what they want. It reacts in real time, taking information and creating a unique, engaging, more personal experience than traditional content. Above all, interactive content increases engagement and is fun.

Take a look at some of the awesome examples we’ve seen in and out of the higher education world.



American University: We Know Success

American University used an interactive infographic to show the success of their graduates. This infographic customizes to what you want to see and displays compelling information about their school in an aesthetic medium. Website visitors find outcomes information in a relevant, interactive format.




Temple University: Buzzfeed Quiz

Temple University ran a series of sponsored content on Buzzfeed, some of which was interactive content. Buzzfeed is well known for their quizzes and assessments, and Temple capitalized on their brand to engage millennials with short, fun quizzes related to pop culture.




St. Louis University: Roommate Quiz

The prospect of living with roommates can be nerve-wracking, but it can also be one of the best experiences your students have in college. St. Louis University turns potential roommate anxiety into actionable, real-life tips and advice through their interactive quiz. This is a great example of interactive content that can be both amusing and practical.




Orbitz: Perfect Match Quiz

Here’s a great example of interactive content outside of higher education. Orbitz set up an interactive “matchmaker quiz” that asks questions relevant to a variety of vacation spots and matches you to your perfect destination. Not only is this interesting and engaging for the user, but it also provides ideas for your next vacation—a vacation you might be more inclined to book through Orbitz.



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Christian Larsen
Christian Larsen
June 14, 2017