Daily Reads for Trendsetting Digital Marketers

Daily Reads for Trendsetting Digital Marketers

Google provides me with daily alerts and content catered to my interests. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are cluttered with a preconceived notion of what posts I should read and when. Everything is curated for us these days. And though I enjoy the recommendations, I am also proud to remain selective when it comes to what news and informations gets (and keeps) my attention.

Daily, I scan the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed’s newsletters, Refinery 29, the Corridor Business Journal and HuffPo. But I find the most value in newsletters that might not be on every marketer’s radar.

These five daily pieces are my must-reads for trendsetting marketers. They have expanded my view and encourage me to think about and shape what’s new and next for our industry everyday.


1. The Hustle

The Hustle came into my life through a promoted post in my Facebook feed with a quote from Mark Cuban suggesting that it is the one daily newsletter he swears by. It updates me on all major tech happenings that will impact our clients and keeps our team ahead of the curve.

Value Proposition: Your smart, good looking friend that sends you an email each morning with all of the tech and business insights you need for the day.


2. Academica Group

Our friends at Brescia University College in Canada referred me to Academica Group. This is a must-read for higher education marketers. Canada leads the way in thinking about ROI-based degrees, the idea of co-ops for students and partnerships with business and commerce.

Value Proposition: Research and consulting for higher education. Don’t follow trends, define them. Two decades. Over 100 client institutions. Our work enables growth, change and leadership.


3. Glossy

I first became aware of Glossy when an employee left and I started receiving her daily emails. It is actually quite a gift as it looks at the disruption happening in the fashion world today and shares insights on how the leaders and losers are making decisions. The content focuses on how digital is impacting everything and how we can thrive in a world that is uncertain at best.

Value Proposition: Glossy is a daily online publication and media company exploring the intersection of fashion and luxury through the lens of digital and tech.


4. Digiday Daily

I heard about Digiday from a friend who led the NY Times Digital Advertising Sales. It keeps me updated on the uber-tech things on the horizon. They also have a bang-up amazing podcast.

Value Proposition: A daily must-read among influencers obsessed with the bleeding edge of media and marketing.


5. 730DC

Our director of content strategy referred me to 730DC. It gives me perspective on the type of content that is most relevant to local audiences and reminds me how important segmentation and authenticity are for readers.

Value Proposition: We connect Washingtonians to their city, its communities and to one another.

So, if what I tell my kids is trueyou are what you read. I guess that leaves me a bit unclear on what I really am, except for curious! To share ideas and contribute your favorite newsletters and content publications shoot me a note.

Ann Oleson
Ann Oleson
June 16, 2017