SnapChat Self-Serve: It's Here #ServeYoSelf

Snapchat Self-Serve Advertising for Colleges and Universities

The higher ed community is buzzing: Snapchat self-serve ads have arrived. The update allows digital marketers and businesses everywhere to advertise through the platform—regardless of budget. This is a huge win for colleges and universities who are looking to connect with digital natives.

Snapchat continues to evolve (even with competition from other social media platforms), and while user growth has slowed, the rate at which users engage with the platform is still in full speed. This breakthrough is no different in the evolution. Albeit, a little late in the game. (Facebook and Instagram, anyone?) Enter Snap Ad Manager:



Before the access of Snap Ad Manager’s self-serve, advertising on Snapchat was a game that only larger conglomerates could play due to high costs. Hence all of Taco Bell.

Self-serve is a game changer for higher ed. Institutions and programs of all sizes can now test advertisements on the previously elusive ad platform. To top it off, there is no minimum bid requirement.



Happy dances for all, because now any institution (or smaller business) with any budget can play around in Snapchat and reach the audience that we are all hoping to inspire. Students, high school and college for our current audience, spend an increasing amount of time on Snapchat. In fact, they are snapping conversations more than texting. Streaks, anyone?  Whether you have children in that age bracket, siblings or are generally observant, Snapchat is vital in communication for Millennials and Generation Z.

So, let’s Snap.

Snapchat offers you a simplistic breakdown of how to join the business of Snapchat and how one may want to utilize their ad products.

  1. Raise awareness
  2. Increase consideration
  3. Drive action

We can engage with users while taking advantage of Snapchat’s geo-location, stories and how we want to reach our audiences. The nifty thing about ad manager, which makes perfect sense, is that you can access it through your phone. So, if you’ve always wanted to take your job home, but have been stressed with the heavy lifting of paperwork, cross that off your list.



Advertising is going to get a little bit better with Snapchat. At the very least, it’s going to get a little more personal. Just ask the University of Michigan when they first boarded the Snap train.

Snap your fingers, snap each other and start snapping your target audiences. #highered

Here is a screenshot of what the manager interface looks like:



Ready to test out your first Snapchat campaign? Contact us to brainstorm ideas. Want more best practices for reaching millennials and gen Z? Check out our webinar recording on What Digital Natives Want from EDU Video.

Rozy Kanjee
Rozy Kanjee
July 20, 2017