Donut Roulette: Building Stronger Relationships with Technology

Donut Roulette: Building Stronger Relationships with Technology

In July 2017, Converge found itself in an ideal place. We’d recently on-boarded five dynamic employees over the past month and received word that we would be listed among the prestigious Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for a second year in a row.


But the honor came with a challenge.


How could our quickly growing organization help teammates—who have hundreds of small interactions during the workweek—find the time to connect on a deeper level,  build camaraderie and strengthen trust?

How could we connect new hires to veterans to build cross-company relationships? And simultaneously strengthen our unique company culture across two offices, 1,000 miles apart?


While there are a lot of tactics that can be used to promote trust culture and unite remote employees, Converge identified one that has been making waves: Donut. Donut is a bot for Slack, a collaborative communication tool that includes real-time messaging, archiving and search. Check out this article on how Slack (and other tools) have improved communication for our growing team.

Donut was developed to help employees in the same or remote offices strengthen culture, build rapport and connect with teams they may not have as much interaction with.  



Every other Monday morning, Donut randomly pairs Convergians to spread collaboration across our organization. Once a pairing is made, the duo collaborates on a place to meet for a donut, lunch or coffee. This interaction can happen in person or remotely via Zoom, an HD video and screen sharing tool we use for team and client interaction.


(L) Brian meets his pals via video from his home office (R) Kate and Gina decided to meet over lunch



Megan & Meri have embraced Donut as seen in the Slack channel


Why Choose Donut?

For us, the choice to use Donut was simple. As a quickly growing company, it is imperative that we strengthen our unique culture because it is what got us to where we are today. Our team needs to continually build trust and rapport especially with new team members.

If you think Donut is a good fit for your team, you can set it up in 2 minutes.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Get the Donut Slack Bot (
  2.  Add Donut to your Slack team.
  3.  Create a channel like #coffee-buddies, #donut-pals or #donut-friends-forever.
  4.  Invite Donut and anyone that wants to participate to the Slack channel.


Come Monday, you’ll be building relationships in no time. Donut will pair you with your first buddy via Slack DM.


Donut has become a proactive way for Converge to grow rapport that is so important to continue our bold thinking, expert listening and digital momentum to innovate education.

Josh Irons
Josh Irons
August 2, 2017