Google Analytics Intelligence: Making Data Accessible for EDU Marketers

Google Analytics Intelligence: Making Data More Accessible for EDU Marketers

Have you ever been asked a question about your Google Analytics data and had no clue where to find the answer? Have you ever wondered if you’re missing a big change in your data? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your data in general? You’re not alone. And luckily, Google has your back.

Google recently introduced a new Intelligence feature to its Google Analytics homepage designed to solve all these problems. Say goodbye to the days of getting lost in all the reports, filters and dimensions, because now you can simply ask a question.

Intelligence sits in the top left of your homepage. Once you click, a small pop-out appears. 



Here you have several options. If you already have a question in mind, you can type it directly into the bar at the top. For example, let’s say you’re curious how many goals were completed on your website last week. Type it in, and Intelligence will give you a response. 



If you’re not sure what to ask, Intelligence provides a list of frequently asked questions. These can help point you in the direction of KPIs and stats that you should monitor.



When you don’t have any specific questions, Intelligence helps you check in on the health of your site. Under the ‘New’ header, Intelligence provides alerts of unusual activity, suggestions for improving your reporting and performance comparisons. Clicking on one of the notifications provides more information, as well as suggestions for improvement.



Once you’ve opened a notification, it is saved in the ‘Read’ header. If you want to save the insight and address it later, simply click the three dots within the notification and select ‘Save Insight.’ 



Intelligence being so user-friendly opens the data doors to everyone in your organization. Even if you aren’t familiar with the Google Analytics interface, you can extract insights about your site. And for those who are savvy Analytics users, the tool shows you exactly which metrics need a second look.

In its current form, Intelligence can answer questions about website traffic, goal completions, device usage and other basic topics. As more complex requests come in, Intelligence will adapt and learn how to answer those questions, too. The sky’s the limit, and Intelligence is getting smarter by the minute.

Maddie Shepard
Maddie Shepard
September 5, 2017