Spotify Self-Serve Advertising: What Are the Opportunities for EDU?

Spotify Self-Serve Advertising: What Are the Opportunities for EDU?

Spotify recently launched a US beta called Spotify Ad Studio, a self-service ad platform which allows marketers to run 15- or 30-second audio ads between songs on its streaming music service. With 140 million global monthly active users, Spotify represents a huge, newly reachable audience for education marketers.

For ad setup, along with the audio file, the creator also provides a 640x640px image, headline text and a link. This simple creation process is a great opportunity for advertisers to test the waters with audio ads.

But what if you don’t have a studio to create your own professional audio ads? Spotify offers a “Request Voiceover” feature which allows the user to submit a script and background track. Spotify then creates the audio ad and covers the cost of voice actor reading your script.


This feature could allow a single person or small team to quickly produce targeted audio ads and ensure that they are heard by the audience in a format with minimal distractions. Need to promote upcoming campus visits? Create an audio ad listing the dates and then target high school students in the area. This could be a great way to reach a young demographic who are less likely to listen to traditional radio.

Among the more standard targeting methods such as location, age and gender, the service also allows targeting by genres (target audiences based on their specific music tastes) as well as playlist (reach people who are listening to music tailored to activities and moods). The playlist targeting offers some intriguing possibilities as it allows you to enter your own keywords.


4 Spotify Targeting Ideas for EDU Marketers


1. Looking to target potential grad students?

The University of Iowa, for example, could use brand-associated words like “Hawkeyes” to reach local users and prospects who are already familiar with their brand.


2. Want to get the word out about events like open houses, info sessions and fundraisers around athletics and other initiatives?

Target students who are following your curated playlists. No playlist created for your school? There is nothing stopping you from getting creative and making your own! The University of Michigan has developed several playlists for their 2,000 active followers.

3. Want to take advantage of the surge of interest in degrees before the new year?

Try targeting the “holidays” mood under the playlists targeting. Help people to set a New Year’s resolution to attend your school!


4. Need to reach an audience specifically for athletics programs?

Consider targeting the “workout” activity, also under the playlists targeting section. It will make getting your message out no sweat.



Spotify provides some tips to get started here. For further inspiration, check out this interactive microsite that explores how various schools listen to music and engage with the platform. Note that Ad Studio currently has a minimum of $250 in spend to get started. If you have more questions about Spotify as a prospecting channel or other digital strategies to reach your students, tweet us @convergeorg.

Cory Grundmeyer
Cory Grundmeyer
October 12, 2017