LinkedIn Advertising Strategies for Business Schools

LinkedIn Advertising Strategies for Business Schools

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful professional networks when it comes to advertising for graduate schools and programs. Business schools especially benefit from the visibility and targeting capabilities. LinkedIn allows education marketers to hone in on specific target audience characteristics and engage prospective candidates with relevant content and meaningful messages tailored to their backgrounds.

The platform continues to make updates to their advertising offerings. You can view the latest changes and advancements here. Most recently, LinkedIn introduced an update that allows advertisers to integrate their lead gen forms with Salesforce so leads are fed directly into the CRM system.

Case Study: LinkedIn InMail for Business Programs

The Goizueta Business School is leveraging LinkedIn in some very impactful ways. They are marketing an Emotional Intelligence course focused on higher education professionals with InMail messaging tailored to this specific audience.

Open rate: 61.1%

Lead form completion rate: 56%

Cost per lead (CPL): $46.20


Case Study: LinkedIn Lead Gen for Business Programs

In addition to InMail, Goizueta was also an early adopter of LinkedIn Lead Gen to promote their One-Year MBA program, among others. The results from these campaigns have been stellar.

490 Leads

8.7% Lead Form Completion Rate

$109.52 Cost per Lead (CPL)

EDU Point of View: Insights from Goizueta’s Chief Growth Officer

As chief growth officer at Emory University Goizueta Business School, Angela Bostick oversees marketing, communications and external outreach for the institution. She is also responsible for growing the school’s global awareness and affinity to facilitate a pipeline of relationships and support for the school. Check out her perspective on LinkedIn Advertising Solutions and how business schools can best utilize this channel to connect with prospective candidates.

Hayley Warack
Hayley Warack
April 11, 2018