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Donut Roulette: Building Stronger Relationships with Technology

In July 2017, Converge found itself in an ideal place. We’d recently on-boarded five dynamic employees over the past month and received word that we would be listed among the prestigious Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for a second year in a row.


But the honor came with a challenge.


How could our quickly growing organization help teammates—who have hundreds of small interactions during the workweek—find the time to connect on a deeper level,  build camaraderie and strengthen trust?

How could we connect new hires to veterans to build cross-company relationships? And simultaneously strengthen our unique company culture across two offices, 1,000 miles apart?


While there are a lot of tactics that can be used to promote trust culture and unite remote employees, Converge identified one that has been making waves: Donut. Donut is a bot for Slack, a collaborative communication tool that includes real-time messaging, archiving and search. Check out this article on how Slack (and other tools) have improved communication for our growing team.

Donut was developed to help employees in the same or remote offices strengthen culture, build rapport and connect with teams they may not have as much interaction with.  



Every other Monday morning, Donut randomly pairs Convergians to spread collaboration across our organization. Once a pairing is made, the duo collaborates on a place to meet for a donut, lunch or coffee. This interaction can happen in person or remotely via Zoom, an HD video and screen sharing tool we use for team and client interaction.


(L) Brian meets his pals via video from his home office (R) Kate and Gina decided to meet over lunch



Megan & Meri have embraced Donut as seen in the Slack channel


Why Choose Donut?

For us, the choice to use Donut was simple. As a quickly growing company, it is imperative that we strengthen our unique culture because it is what got us to where we are today. Our team needs to continually build trust and rapport especially with new team members.

If you think Donut is a good fit for your team, you can set it up in 2 minutes.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Get the Donut Slack Bot (
  2.  Add Donut to your Slack team.
  3.  Create a channel like #coffee-buddies, #donut-pals or #donut-friends-forever.
  4.  Invite Donut and anyone that wants to participate to the Slack channel.


Come Monday, you’ll be building relationships in no time. Donut will pair you with your first buddy via Slack DM.


Donut has become a proactive way for Converge to grow rapport that is so important to continue our bold thinking, expert listening and digital momentum to innovate education.

Simple Steps for Building a Powerhouse MarComm Team from the Ground Up


Building a powerhouse marketing communications team is no easy feat. It takes a lot of planning and strategy, but what Christine Hutchins, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Mount Holyoke College, found was that setting expectations, using the right processes and employing a heavy dose of EQ helped make the experience less complicated.

Christine transformed the Office of Communications and Marketing at Mount Holyoke from silo-centric units into a truly integrated marketing and communications powerhouse. She applied more than 20 years of marketing, communications, sales and development experience to lead the charge for change on campus. From Deutsche Bank to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to marketing for Stanford athletics, Christine leveraged the best practices she picked up along the way to develop a high performing team of marketers.

To elevate the brand equity and reputation of Mount Holyoke College, the oldest women’s college in the United States located 90 miles west of Boston, Christine set out to deliver measurable results through fact-based, data-driven business practice. While doing that, initiatives that started with her team transformed not only the department, but the entire campus. The process began by setting expectations, using the right processes and finally, tapping into her EQ.

Setting Expectations and Partnership Promises

Christine opened her Converge 2017 keynote with a simple, but profound thought for the audience to consider: “You assume that people know what your expectations are…they don’t.”

Whether you are dealing with your team, a client or another constituent like the VP of Academic Affairs, it is important to write out and share your expectations. Being transparent with roles and responsibilities and fully discloses expectations and what they should expect from you as a supervisor creates an open-door policy.

When it comes to campus leadership, like the VP of Academic Affairs, Christine will approach the individual and say: “Do you mind if I share with you what I expect of myself when I work with you?” When they say yes, she may say, “I want to hold regularly scheduled meetings. I want us be able to challenge each other. I want to be held accountable to decisions that are made.” She has found that this builds bridges and helps with achieving buy-in. This full-disclosure approach was critical and fundamental to building a strong team with trusting relationships throughout campus and with vendors.

Relationships +Trust = Critical Success Factor

Using the Right Processes

It all started with a gap analysis. Christine assessed what wasn’t working in her new department and what would need to be implemented to make sure that her department’s goals could be achieved. It became apparent that there needed to be a process. Mount Holyoke implemented a job request form that was the basis for a service agreement with the MarComm team’s internal clients.


Once submitted, this form feeds into a tool called Podio, a cloud-based collaboration tool that keeps track of all of the jobs submitted, who is responsible for them and key dates for the project. Podio shows who is accountable for a specific part of a project and helps illustrate what the workflow looks like from inception to delivery. This brought sanity to the process and continued to win buy-in from her team and across campus.

EQ: The Glue that Holds It All Together

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the ability to sense, understand and apply the power of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. This was an especially important part of the journey and helped Christine understand the specific approach she should take to make progress with individuals and groups across campus. She quickly realized that educating her stakeholders, which included administration, faculty and students was necessary. Developing a common understanding of the Office of Marketing and Communications’ role and the integrated communications and marketing model was imperative to the ongoing success of campus initiatives. Empathy and social skills helped Christine and her team understand how to approach interact with stakeholders on a regular basis. Without embracing her EQ and understanding what drove specific behaviors that Christine and her team had to undo, the team’s goals would have been much more difficult to achieve.

Making It a Reality on Your Campus

While there is not any rocket science involved (her words) with any of these three steps, this approach allowed Mount Holyoke to systematically implement their objectives and make building a powerhouse Marketing and Communications team a reality.

What do you think? Have you leveraged any of these strategies on your own teams? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Converge Consulting Principals to Present at Upcoming Higher Education Conferences

Cedar Rapids, IA – Converge Principals Ann Oleson and Jay Kelly will present to hundreds of higher ed leaders at conferences in upcoming months. The conferences reach Converge’s key stakeholders and clients and include the annual ACT Enrollment Planners Conference and TargetX CRM Summit.

The ACT Enrollment Planners Conference will be held July 13-15 in Chicago, Illinois. The conference is a premier professional development opportunity for college and university enrollment planning professionals. This three-day conference focuses on admissions, marketing and enrollment best practices; underserved, adult and non-traditional populations; and retention and student success. It gives professionals a unique opportunity to learn from and network with peers and experts in the field.

“We are thrilled to be presenting on inbound marketing at the annual ACT Enrollment Planners Conference,” said Converge Founder and CEO, Ann Oleson. “It’s the perfect conference to share new and next ideas with experts in the enrollment field. ACT continues to bring partners to the table who can assist with the art and science of recruitment/marketing.”

Oleson and Kelly will present “Higher Education’s Inbound Marketing Survey: What’s New and Next in the Marketplace,” sharing best practices from the more than 150 schools the company works with.

They will also return for a fourth time to the TargetX CRM Summit on July 17-19 in San Diego, California. TargetX is a CRM firm that provides an enterprise-wide solution to help colleges build relationships and advance lifelong communications with their most important constituencies, including prospective students, current students, alumni and potential donors.

“We have a great partnership with Brian Niles and his team at TargetX,” said Converge President Jay Kelly. “We are excited that they’ve asked us to present our innovative and recent work with Southern California University of Health Sciences.”

Debra Mitchell, Vice President of Enrollment Management at SCU, will join Kelly to present “Inbound Marketing for Higher Education: How to do it Smarter, Better and Faster.” The presentation will focus on differentiating programs and identifying ideal prospects in a cost-effective way.

Converge Consulting is a digital agency for higher education with offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Denver, Colorado and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Converge uses what’s new and next in inbound marketing, website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, digital advertising and web analytics to positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement for colleges and universities around the world.

Leadership at Every (Intern) Level

higher education marketing, higher ed marketing internships, intern programConverge recently launched its inaugural Internship program. This full-time, 65-day paid internship gives a group of college students hands-on digital marketing experience, expanding their professional skills and enhancing their resumes.

Throughout the summer, the five interns will be immersed in four weeks of intensive classroom training. Experts from across our organization will spend time teaching them about Google Analytics, digital advertising, content strategy, social media and website redesign.

During weeks four through eight, each intern will work within a specialty area on specific projects, allowing them to learn by doing. Our team is excited to see the perspective the interns bring while immersing themselves in the Converge culture.

Since the announcement of the program, I have been excited to share the lessons and wisdom provided by mentors throughout my career. Initially, I thought that these dynamic college students would take my advice and, with a little guidance, transform into the successful business women and men of tomorrow.

However, a funny thing happened during our initial interactions. As I dispensed my knowledge and experience, the interns responded with their own interpretations and experiences, offering their individual perspectives. They taught me something!

Here are the three pieces of advice I shared with them:

1. Make each customer (both internal and external) feel like your only customer.

As long as you help your clients exceed their results, they’re never going to know you’ve got a million and one other things on your plate. To do this effectively, you have to know what a client wants before they know what they want. This is a skill that takes time to cultivate, but listening and researching helps immensely.

To stand out from your competitors, you have to understand a client’s needs better than everybody else. You have a commitment to do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you are going to do it.

Building trust is the best way to retain your clients and ensure they will be happy with your work. Once the trust is built, work diligently to maintain it. Trust is an essential component of business.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Many interns are afraid to ask questions during their first internship. Maybe it’s the fear of asking too many questions or asking the wrong questions.

Whatever the cause, it’s important to overcome. The main purpose of an internship is to learn, grow and gain real-world, professional experience (making money is nice, too). When questions go unanswered, learning is more difficult.

Ask questions whenever they arise. Who wants to make a mistake that could have been prevented by asking for help or advice? If you’re unsure, speak up. In the end, you’ll be happy you did.

3. Be cool and confident.

Even under pressure, you always have to be the duck. Be the duck? Yes. Be the duck. On the surface, you are calm and collected, but underwater, you are paddling wildly to keep moving forward.

Attitude is contagious, and if a teammate sees that you are complaining, they will complain. This is especially true if you are in a leadership position. It’s difficult to exceed a client’s expectations if you don’t check your emotions.

Let your positive attitude influence your colleague’s and client’s moods. More often than not, demeanor can make the difference.

higher education marketing, higher ed consultants, higher ed marketing internship
Josh Irons and Converge Interns

Things I Learned

So, what did I learn? While articulating these three points and seeing how the interns responded to them, it reminded me that these lessons are important, not just for interns, but for me and our entire team to revisit.

When you move at a fast pace, it can be challenging to take a step back and remember how important these principles really are. Engaging with the interns served as a reminder to practice what we preach every day.

As our interns enter the specialty phases of the program, we are already learning from them – they view our questions and assignments through a different lens. Approaching a project with no prior knowledge allows them to be more creative and open-minded than someone who has been working through the same process on multiple projects. I look forward to their insights – and I’m taking good notes.

Set your interns up for success by listening and letting them be creative. Who knows? They might teach you a thing or two!

Converge Consulting Celebrates Five Years and More Than 150 Clients

Cedar Rapids, IA – Converge Consulting celebrated its five-year anniversary on May 11, 2016. Since opening for business in 2011, Converge has grown to 20 employees and more than 150 clients. The company is expected to surpass unprecedented sales goals by the end of this year.

In 2016, Converge opened a new location in Philadelphia and added a digital designer from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a new content strategist to the team. The company also joined the Executive MBA Council as a corporate sponsor, hosted its highest-attended annual conference and presented at 12 higher education marketing conferences across the country.

Founded on the belief that higher education marketing practices must evolve to today’s best business marketing practices, founder and CEO, Ann Oleson started with a blank piece of paper as her business model. Converge identified higher education’s biggest challenges and narrowed its focus to what’s new and next in digital marketing.

“When I envisioned Converge five years ago, I knew that the higher education marketing field was changing,” Oleson said. “I wanted Converge to be the cutting-edge digital marketing agency for higher education. That continues to be the driving force behind our success, and we are constantly innovating ideas and strategies to help our clients achieve their goals.”

Over the past two months, Converge’s business development team has been touring the country meeting with representatives from colleges and universities and presenting results from the first-annual 2016 Trends in Higher Education Marketing survey. These “Lunch and Learns” are invite-only opportunities for the Converge team to share what’s new and next and network with prospective clients, friends and colleagues.

The first Lunch and Learn was held in Denver and had 20 attendees. Events in Nashville and Philadelphia have had similar turnouts. Converge will continue its tour with a stop in Washington DC at the end of the month and hopes to add events in other parts of the country later this year.

“Lunch and Learns provide us with a unique opportunity to meet and network with our peers,” said Jay Kelly, President. “We discuss trends in digital advertising, content strategy and analytics, new and next marketing strategies and our 2016 predictions.”

Converge was recognized on May 16 as the eighth fastest growing company in the Cedar Rapids – Iowa City Corridor by the Corridor Business Journal. According to the Corridor Business Journal, “Nominated companies were ranked according to revenue growth over a two-year period [and] both dollar and percentage increases are taken into consideration.”

Converge Consulting is a digital agency for higher education with offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Denver, Colorado and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Converge uses what’s new and next in inbound marketing, website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, digital advertising and web analytics to positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement for colleges and universities around the world.

Converge Consulting Hires Web Designer from Top-Ranked Wharton

As the second quarter begins, Converge Consulting is excited to share its continued growth. After surpassing sales and client satisfaction goals in the first-quarter, the second-quarter is off to a solid start.

Converge is delighted to add a full-time digital web designer to the Philadelphia office. Colleen Foley joins the Converge team from The Wharton School, where she worked for the past four years. Foley is a board member at Girls on the Run in Philadelphia, a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of American Institute of Graphic Arts and previously spent time at Comcast as an Interactive Producer of Advanced Media.

“When I saw the job posting for a Digital Graphic Designer at Converge Consulting, I knew I had found the next creative challenge that I wanted to pursue,” Foley said. “I’m excited to join the team and the opportunity to further my passion for higher education marketing.”

Foley will work closely with our client delivery teams to redesign websites, develop digital advertising creative and assist with internal marketing efforts. Converge wanted a designer that understands the challenges of working at a university, and approaches design for user experience first, as well as understanding the audience internally and externally.

Converge continues to work with top ranked business schools across the world and as the team grows, want to give its clients top notch talent that understands translating brand stories of business schools to the web.

“Colleen’s experience opens up opportunities to take our products to the next level,” said Josh Irons, Vice President of Strategy and Development. “She understands the higher education market and will bring an insider’s perspective to our strategy.”

As the Philadelphia team grows Converge found it necessary to upgrade the office due to faster than anticipated expansion. The modern open office space gives Converge access to state of the art conference rooms, a fully stocked kitchen and lounges, and private call rooms.  This collaborative work environment gives Converge the ability to attract the a talented workforce that wants to live and work in the city. In the second quarter, Converge will hire a content strategist and digital strategist – positions available in both the Cedar Rapids headquarters and Philadelphia office.

Converge Consulting is a digital agency for higher education with offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Denver, Colorado and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Converge uses what’s new and next in inbound marketing, website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, digital advertising and web analytics to positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement for colleges and universities around the world.


Converge Sponsors Annual JGAP Conference in Nashville

Converge Consulting has announced it will sponsor and present at the 2016 Jesuit Graduate Enrollment Management Professionals (JGAP) Conference, being held in conjunction with the 2016 NAGAP Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Jesuit Graduate Enrollment Management Professionals (JGAP) organization provides a forum for discussing and exchanging ideas on graduate and professional program recruitment, admission and enrollment to foster mutual professional support of its members. JGAP is affiliated with American Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) and NGAP, the Leader in Graduate Enrollment Management.

JGAP hosts bi-annual meetings in the fall and spring and offers professional development workshops for its members. The theme of the upcoming meeting on April 13 is new trends in recruiting and retaining international students.

Ann Oleson and Jay Kelly, Converge CEO and President, will present a session on creating an intentional recruitment strategy for international students. Over the past four years, Converge has established itself as a thought leader in recruitment, working with prestigious programs at UCLA, the University of Missouri, and the Winterline Global Skills Program. Converge also works with leading Jesuit colleges and universities across the country. The JGAP session will cover programs and majors international students are most interested in, countries that can help diversify student population, the most effective ways to attract, convert and delight prospective international students, and how to improve yield through engagement.

“We are delighted to sponsor the April event in conjunction with NAGAP,” said Oleson. “Through our previous work with Jesuit colleges and universities around the country, we have become experts in recruiting and targeting students who make sense for these colleges. It will be exciting to share our experience with members of JGAP.”

In addition to sponsoring the one-day conference, Converge will host a Lunch and Learn in Nashville. Presenting findings from their 2015 Inbound Marketing for Higher Education survey, Converge hopes to connect with colleges and universities in the Nashville area to share best practices and 2016 predictions. Converge hosted a similar event in Denver and is planning a third event in Philadelphia later this month.

Converge Consulting is a digital agency for higher education with offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Denver, Colorado and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Converge uses what’s new and next in inbound marketing, website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, digital advertising and web analytics to positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement for colleges and universities around the world.

Converge Consulting Launches Three New Client Websites

Converge Consulting will launch three new client websites this March and is set to launch two more sites in April. Year-over-year, the company has seen its website development business grow upwards of 90 percent. Converge expects website development to continue growing at unprecedented rates in 2017.

Converge takes a unique approach to website development. Before the development process begins, the company focuses on the discovery phase of user experience, conducting a comprehensive review of Google Analytics and SEO. Focusing on data early allows Converge to make more strategic, data driven decisions in developing the website’s architecture and wireframes, positioning clients for web success.

Today, one in five students will eliminate a college or university from their list if they have a bad experience on the school’s website. An inbound marketing website is critical to an institution’s success in recruiting students.

“Users visit websites for a variety of reasons,” said Converge President Jay Kelly. “Most websites are informational but don’t think through the user journey. From prospect to inquiry and application, each aspect of a visit deserves a user-specific experience with relevant content and calls to action.”

Another powerful weapon in Converge’s website artillery is the company’s partnership with OmniUpdate, a premier higher education content management system. This partnership gives Converge clients access to best-in-the-industry technology from an inbound partner who understands website redesign as it relates to higher education.

This quarter, Converge has launched new websites for Upper Iowa University (, Moran Consulting, Inc. ( and Creighton University ( In April, Converge plans to launch websites for Tulane University, Freeman School of Business and California State University Fullerton, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics.

In addition to client websites, Converge also launched its own revamped site, The new site showcases Converge’s expertise in website design and development, setting the company apart as a premier inbound marketing agency.

Converge Consulting is a digital agency for higher education with offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Denver, Colorado and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Converge uses what’s new and next in inbound marketing, website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, digital advertising and web analytics to positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement for colleges and universities around the world.

Coffee with Converge | Krista Seiden

Thank you for having Coffee with Converge – An exhilarating and highly caffeinated taste of digital marketing. Today we are joined by Krista Seiden, a Google Analytics advocate.

Here are a few of the questions we asked Krista:

  • What are the top 3 features of Google Analytics that people don’t take advantage of and should be?
  • How are you seeing Google Tag Manager help in large, complex analytics set ups like in higher education?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how to set up accounts, properties and views for higher education?

Google Analytics isn’t simple, but you wouldn’t want it to be. To get valuable information to inform decisions, you have to drill deep into how visitors interact with your website. Use this information to design effective marketing campaigns and content tailored to your audiences.

Thanks for listening to our first ever Coffee with Converge podcast. Join us next month when we chat all things web design.

Converge Consulting Hires Vice President of Strategy and Development to Scale Business Operations

Converge Consulting, a digital marketing firm that specializes in higher education, has hired Joshua Irons as Vice President of Strategy and Development. Irons will provide leadership, management and vision as he helps Converge execute growth-focused strategies, streamline operations, hiring and professional development and grow its east coast presence.

A seasoned digital executive, leader and strategist, Irons has more than 15 years of experience initiating transformative solutions in corporate and entrepreneurial environments. In his most recent role as Vice President of Sales and Account Management at Leadnomics, he developed and grew a highly skilled team of solution providers while taking several new products to market. Prior to Leadnomics, Irons was responsible for multiple product lines and teams of analysts, strategists, product managers, account managers and sales professionals in various positions for EducationDynamics. He’s excited to build on these experiences to help the Converge team develop professionally and extend its reach.

“I look forward to working with the talented team at Converge and harnessing their ingenuity and creativity to benefit our higher education partners,” said Irons. “The team is on the verge of truly changing the role digital marketing plays in the higher education space. I could not resist the opportunity to be part of something so transformative.”

Irons holds an MBA in marketing from Villanova University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism, PR, and advertising from Temple University. He also has an international business certificate from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Irons currently resides in the Philadelphia area.

Converge also recently hired Michelle Rhatigan as a digital strategist. Rhatigan comes to Converge from 3Q Digital, one of the top five digital ad agencies in Chicago. She has experience in the digital marketing climate and will help Converge scale its digital and social media work.

At 3Q Digital, Rhatigan worked as an account manager to develop and execute strategies for clients in a range of industries including tutoring, IT support and consumer goods. She created close relationships with her clients to identify and set both lead volume and ROI goals, which were achieved by recommending and implementing key testing initiatives. Rhatigan looks forward to being a part of the digital advertising team at Converge and building on the success Converge has achieved so far as a fast-paced, growing company.

“I’m truly excited to be a part of the team at Converge as we continue to deliver high impact results to our clients and higher education marketing as a whole,” Rhatigan said. “I look forward to utilizing my unique experiences in innovative ways to keep our strategies evolving.”

In the past four years, Converge’s unprecedented success has resulted in year-over-year sales growth of more than 100 percent. The company works with esteemed clients including UCLA, Tulane University, Creighton University, American University, University of Loyola and Columbia University Teacher’s College. Converge anticipates continued business growth in 2016 and plans to expand its team of employees in Philadelphia, Denver, and Cedar Rapids. Converge also looks to make Inc. 5000 status this year.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Josh and Michelle on the team,” said Jay Kelly, President and Managing Partner at Converge. “Their experience in digital is extremely valuable, and as we look to the future, finding the right talent will be key in keeping Converge at the forefront of what’s new and next.”

Converge Consulting is a digital agency for higher education with offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Denver, Colorado and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Converge uses what’s new and next in inbound marketing, website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, digital advertising and web analytics to positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement for colleges and universities around the world.

Converge Consulting Becomes Member of the EMBA Council

After achieving proven results for business school clients, Converge Consulting recently became a corporate member of the Executive MBA Council (EMBAC). EMBAC works with more than 200 business schools around the world to advance the cause of EMBA programs by serving as a facilitator of best practice sharing and knowledge dissemination and fostering a community among high-quality programs.

Converge has worked with business schools around the world including California State University Fullerton, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), the University of Pittsburgh and Rice University. Many of these clients have seen impressive results after implementing digital advertising campaigns, including the University of Missouri Trulaske execMBA Program, which experienced a six percent increase in inquiries, a 13 percent increase in applications and an 83 percent increase in enrolled students.

“The Converge team brought fresh ideas to our conversations, and those ideas have helped to generate results with new leads,” said Caitlin Way, Director of Marketing and Admissions, Trulaske execMBA.

UCLA’s Anderson School Executive MBA Program also partnered with Converge to explore new methods of reaching prospective students. Digital advertising campaigns have helped UCLA position itself as a premier EMBA program and reach audiences that are unfamiliar with the program.

“The UCLA Anderson Executive MBA Program has worked with Converge Consulting since 2014 in creating and executing cutting-edge digital campaigns and an inbound marketing strategy,” said Sylvia Haas, Executive Director of the UCLA Anderson School of Management. “Converge has done a superb job and produced results that are impressive.”

As a new EMBAC corporate member, Converge looks forward to participating in the 2016 EMBAC Conference and other regional events and opportunities for thought leadership and learning.

“We’re thrilled to join some of the world’s top business colleges as corporate members of EMBAC,” said Converge Founder and CEO, Ann Oleson. “It’s a great opportunity that will allow Converge to continue helping EMBA programs successfully recruit the right students.”

Converge Consulting is a digital agency for higher education with offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Denver, Colorado and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Converge uses what’s new and next in inbound marketing, website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, digital advertising and web analytics to positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement for colleges and universities around the world.

Converge Celebrates Google Analytics Month

To celebrate Google Analytics’ tenth birthday, Converge Consulting will kick off 2016 with Google Analytics month. Converge plans to distribute free Google Analytics resources including an eBook, webinar and guest blog posts throughout the month of January. The company will also launch its first podcast, Coffee with Converge.

Over the past five years, Converge has partnered with colleges and universities across the United States to effectively implement Google Analytics through workshops and training. Converge has helped institutions like Texas A&M University, Temple University and the University of Notre Dame add Google Analytics to their websites by training employees on Universal Analytics, Google Tag Manager, attribution and goals and dashboards.

Gaining a better understanding of their website visitors has allowed many of these institutions to refine and amplify their web strategy.

“During the redesign of our flagship website, Converge helped us understand how users engage with our site using Google Tag Manager and Auto-Event Tagging,” said Mark Welch, Director of Information Technology for the University of Notre Dame Alumni Association. “In the past, our analysis was founded on basic questions such as ‘Which pages?’ and ‘How long?’ Now we have real visibility into visitor behavior and engagement.

American University had a similar positive experience after deciding to implement Universal Analytics.

“Converge helped us transition smoothly to Universal Analytics,” said Barbara Emshwiller, Director of Web Communications and Strategy at American. “They set up goals site wide and implemented them through Google Tag Manager using Auto-Event Tags. It’s such a relief to have accurate data.”

With a growing reputation as a premier Google Analytics higher education consulting firm, the Converge team looks forward to sharing their Google Analytics expertise, not only in January, but throughout 2016 and beyond.

All free Google Analytics resources will be available on the Converge website.

Converge Consulting is a digital agency for higher education with offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Denver, Colorado and Manhattan Beach, California. Converge uses what’s new and next in inbound marketing, website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, digital advertising and web analytics to positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement for colleges and universities around the world.