The History of Google Analytics

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Digital marketing is always changing, and as a result, measurement has had to keep up. With this year’s changes still coming through on the Google Analytics Release Notes, we have updated our History of Google Analytics infographic.

7 Helpful Google Analytics Dashboards

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Google Analytics is an amazingly powerful tool when you can access the vast amounts of data collected on your users and their site interactions. Here are 7 free and easy-to-use analytics dashboards you can import simply by clicking the link, selecting your favorite view and following the provided instructions.

4 Key Trends to Consider in Higher-Ed Site Structure

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There are many different components that go into a website’s structure and it can be overwhelming to try to manage without getting lost in the weeds. Whether you are developing a new site from scratch or reassessing your current site architecture, here are some trends that should be taken into consideration: Design As stated in … Continued