Twitter is an amazing tool for connecting with other higher education professionals. Thought leaders in marketing, web development, student affairs, alumni relations, admissions and other areas create conversations by sharing links and opinions daily.

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The New RFP

posted Apr 11 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

I have a friend whose company recently got funded. Their idea: to introduce a new payments system. If you read their response to the question “What makes you different from Paypal and Google Checkout?”, their answer was simple: “It doesn’t suck.”

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Lessons of April Fools’ Day 2011

posted Apr 04 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

In a relatively short period of time, April 1st has morphed from the old, traditional April Fools’ Day into Ignore the Internet Day. Whether you’re Google or Thinkgeek, the first has taken a special place in the heart of internet geeks everywhere, who have seized the opportunity as a chance to take a break and laugh at each other for a day.

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The Trouble With Calculators

posted Mar 31 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

October is rapidly approaching. What’s so special about October? According to the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), any Title IV institution receiving federal money will have to have a cost calculator on their website by October 29th.

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Developing a Headache

posted Mar 28 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

Back in February, Gagan Biyani of made a terribly poignant assessment of a particular facet of higher education: we are not in the software development business. We are in the knowledge business, and the other functions that take place on campus are ultimately designed around supporting that goal.

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2011 got started at .eduGuru by conducting a survey on the status of video usage amongst us higher ed folks. Video is an increasingly important component of our websites, and it’s not always clear what the best road is to certain goals.

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Setting Up Webmaster Tool Accounts

posted Feb 22 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

To all our experienced webmasters out there this is probably something that won’t help you out a ton, but for anyone not familiar with webmaster tools accounts, this article will hopefully help you setup accounts with the big boys on the block. Setting up webmaster tools accounts is good for many reasons, but the most obvious is simply to help your website be indexed.

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While social media is a powerful tool, many colleges and universities aren’t seeing the results they’d like from their online efforts. To discover why some schools enjoy great success while others seem to be stuck in a rut, I spent the last few months talking to schools like UCLA, Oregon State and Emerson College that are doing amazing things with social media.

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