Do you have naked HTML out there?

posted May 19 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

A large majority (I hope) of university sites are using a content management system to control the thousands of pages which make up a single university web presence. I am willing to guess that multiple people are editing the content on those pages and they are using some sort of WYSIWYG editor.

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Understanding SEO: Off-Page

posted May 13 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

Last week we looked at On-Page SEO so hopefully this week you are ready to understand the basics on the other side of the equation. Once again I’m not going to get into all the advanced functionality because I think if you can understand 80% of what you need to know, and quite frankly that is enough for most people to see substantial improvements, then you will be good to go.

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College Ads on the Boston Subway

posted May 11 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

So as I’m riding on this T (Because that is what the subway is called in Boston)… looking at the ads… with my camera… how can I not snap some pictures of these and share with you?

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Understanding SEO: On-Page

posted May 06 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not pixie dust or snake oil. It’s a group of fundamental things that when done to a website it makes your site more accessible and usable. The thing that I tell people all the time is “A search bot is your dumbest blindest user.

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Inspiring Design for Higher Ed

posted Apr 30 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

I ran into an interesting problem the past weekend. While planning a new site, I realized that I was just totally tapped for good ideas for a new site design that would pop and be happy and dynamic. By nature, I am no designer, and I readily admit that.

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I’m an accessibility advocate and one thing thats been bothering me for a while was the lack of an easy way to caption videos uploaded to YouTube.

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Last year I hit up the Higher Education Conference circuit asking the question “If nobody is visiting your site does it matter?” in my web analytics presentations. This year I’m really digging into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and as I am thinking about the SEO Best Practices presentation that I’ll be giving at eduWeb this summer it only seems appropriate to start out with a similar question.

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Calendar Clutter & Meeting Madness

posted Mar 27 by EduGuru in EduGuru Blog

It seems I’ve fallen off the radar this month and so have some of my colleagues. Are we dodging the new Facebook? Nope. Now that mainstream media has let all our former classmates, family and coworkers know about Twitter, are we ducking our newest followers? Nope.

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