University of Arizona Marketing Symposium

June 27, 2017 | University of Arizona Campus

The University of Arizona Marketing & Brand Management team is hosting its third annual marketing symposium. The symposium brings together campus stakeholders from all colleges and departments for trainings on new tools and techniques to help their teams work smarter.

Brittney will be joining the U of AZ team on campus to lead a digital training workshop.

Digital Training with Converge Consulting

It’s no surprise that higher education is changing. As a digital agency for education, we have partnered with more than 200 institutions to help them find best-fit students using our expertise in digital advertising, website design, content strategy, SEO, brand strategy and more. During our digital training workshop, we will share strategies for:

  • Working the admissions funnel
  • Understanding prospective students through personas & the user journey
  • Prospecting through digital advertising
  • Communicating with your prospects through automated workflows
  • Understanding results: how to benchmark and measure success
  • Tactical best practices in higher ed through university admissions success stories

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