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New & Next focuses on innovation in higher education. This complimentary webinar series features presentations from Korn Ferry, Cushman & Wakefield and TeamWorks Media. Sessions are designed to spark new and next discussions in the industry. Listen in to conversations on brand storytelling, facilities and operations challenges and talent development through unbiasing.



The Modern Campus: How to Differentiate through Brand Storytelling in Facilities

Jay Sharman, CEO, TeamWorks Media

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On August 4, The New York Times published an article on The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas. This piece focused on how architecture spurs creativity on college campuses. From MIT’s Building 20 to Cornell Tech’s 2043 Plan, higher education institutions across the country are working to inspire collaboration and better ideas through their facilities. Join Jay Sharman, CEO of TeamWorks Media, as he shares case studies of the modern campus experience.

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Top Facilities and Operations Challenges Facing College Leadership Today

Craig Cassell, Global Leader, Education Practice Group, Cushman & Wakefield

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Cushman & Wakefield’s Education Practice Group is a full-service, integrated advisory team focused on real estate solutions for the education sector. Join the Group’s Global Leader, Craig Cassell, as he shares thoughts and ideas on recent trends in the industry regarding enhancing the student experience, driving operational savings, and funding new buildings and renovating existing ones.

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Unconscious Bias: Leveraging Differences to Collaborate More Effectively

Julie Staggs, Managing Principal, Korn Ferry

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Unbiasing has been a topic of discussion at Google for many years. The people analytics team in Google’s human resources department have shared insights on their journey to understand how decisions are made at work and how inclusive organizational cultures are built and sustained. Join Julie Staggs, managing principal at Korn Ferry, for this discussion on how to leverage the differences that make a difference and encourage collaboration through awareness of unconscious bias and its role on your campus.



Jay Sharman CEO

Jay is the CEO and founder of TeamWorks Media, a purpose-driven content marketing company that specializes in a number of verticals including higher ed institutions and museums.

Craig Cassell Global Leader, Education Practice Group

Craig  serves as the Global Leader for the Cushman & Wakefield Education Practice Group, a full-service, integrated advisory team focused on real estate solutions for the education sector.

Julie Staggs Managing Principal

Julie is an associate client partner at Korn Ferry Hay Group. She is a skilled facilitator and speaker specializing in talent management and leadership development for higher education.