"We are constantly delighted by the level of creativity and insight Converge brings to the table. Our 2016 campaign was fresh, energetic and, most importantly, relevant to our target audience."

Marianne Simm, Vice Principal of Students, Brescia University College London, Ontario, Canada

Content Strategy

Right message. Right channel. Right time.

Content Strategy is about igniting your brand and connecting with target audiences through unified, compelling communications. At Converge, we support our partners in developing, launching and refining strategy for print, digital and multimedia content.

Our services include consultation, creation and training for websites, inbound blogs, content offers, communications workflows for recruitment, landing pages, social media, content optimization and webinars.

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Solutions & Capabilities

Here’s what to expect with this service:

Content Calendars

Communications Workflows


Blog Posts

Content Templates

Web Governance Tips

Editorial Process Review

User Personas

Keyword Research

What's New & Next


Leveraging Content Strategy to Yield Students

I presented “Higher Ed and the Campus Content Strategist: A Love Story” at Converge 2017, offering real-life case studies of content strategy in action for higher education student recruitment.


Insights from Harvard University: Design Thinking Applied to Content Strategy

Harvard University’s Mike Petroff kicked off the Converge 2017 pre-conference with strategies for applying design thinking to your campus content strategy.


What EMBA Recruiters Can Learn From Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Executive MBA recruiters should look to current events to produce timely relevant content for the long-term lead cycle for C-level professionals.