Why You Should Measure & Tactical Takeaways for Measuring Your Marketing

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posted by Hayley Warack on December 31, 2015 in Converge Blog The goal of measurement is to improve and context is everything. Shelby Thayer of Penn State Outreach and Online Education presented Effective Marketing Measurement at Converge 2015. Her informative session reviewed the measurement landscape, why we should measure and tactical takeaways for measuring your … Continued

Follow the Map to Inbound Marketing

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posted by Monica Nieves on December 22, 2015 in Converge Blog The Map to Inbound: How Bentley University Used Inbound Marketing in Their PreparedU Project In 2011, the team at Bentley University took on a massive task: redefining their brand. They came up with The PreparedU Project and an inbound marketing strategy after several phases … Continued

Find Out Why Adult Students Are Enrolling At Your Institution

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posted by Jay Kelly on December 21, 2015 in Converge Blog Why Are Adult Students Enrolling at Your Institution? Chances are they’re enrolling at higher rates than ever before. Do you know why? The reasons have shifted in the last 10 years. Scott Jeffe, Director at Aslanian Market Research (the leader in adult student research), … Continued

Start Engaging International Students in Admissions

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At Converge 2015, Melissa King of CollegeWeekLive presented the findings that CollegeWeekLive collected through research with Ruffalo Noel Levitz and Eduventures. Through this research, they were able to discover the concerns and motivations of prospective international students as well as to discover key findings from international students once they are admitted to U.S. institutions. Since … Continued

Build a Culture of Web & Social Media Measurement at Your Institution

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A survey of 747 top marketing executives from Fortune 500 Companies revealed that the largest gap between industry demand and work force supply is in analytics skills. In every obstacle there is an opportunity and this is no different. Professor Michael Holmes and Julie Campbell have partnered to find a solution to fill the talent … Continued

Develop User Personas for Your Institution with These Simple Steps

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While Sandra Soliz and Brenda Cooper of University of St. Thomas – Houston don’t actually have imaginary friends, they have developed user personas that help them to deliver the right messages to students. Last month at Converge 2015, Soliz and Cooper led an engaging session about using their “imaginary friends” or personas to target prospective … Continued

Start Gaining Support on Your Campus for Inbound Marketing Techniques and Strategies

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posted by Phil Clemens on December 02, 2015 in Converge Blog It’s hard to believe that marketing in higher ed was once viewed as a novelty, and only a few years ago, the term ‘inbound marketing’ was still in its infancy. That’s definitely not the case anymore as campus leaders, faculty, recruiters, etc. have discovered … Continued