Issa DiSciullo

Senior Consultant


Issa is passionate about helping colleges and universities meet and exceed their recruitment and enrollment goals. Her background in admissions and enrollment management along with Converge’s commitment to “new and next” helps institutions develop and implement data-driven marketing strategies to take their programs to the next level.


BS in Marketing and an MS in Higher Education Leadership. Certified MBTI Practitioner.


Issa began her higher education journey by joining the admissions team at her alma mater in Boston. Since then, she has worked at five different colleges and universities, including an HBCU and several law schools. Issa brings over 23 years of admissions and enrollment management experience to the Converge team.

fun fact

Hello fellow ENFJs! Issa is a total “leadership geek” and loves learning new and inspiring ways to lead and motivate people. She enjoys using tools such as the MBTI to help people achieve their full potential and get teams to perform at a higher level.


A former competitive salsa dancer, Issa enjoys staying fit as best as she can. She has traded in her dance shoes for cross-training sneakers and can be found at a local crossfit box most mornings before work. She’s hoping to check off “spartan racing” from her bucket list soon.

"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I’m Possible'.” – Audrey Hepburn


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