Webinar | Unconscious Bias: Leveraging Differences to Collaborate More Effectively

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Unbiasing has been a topic of discussion at Google for many years. The people analytics team in Google’s human resources department have shared insights on their journey to understand how decisions are made at work and how inclusive organizational cultures are built and sustained. Listen as Julie Staggs, managing principal at Korn Ferry, discusses how to leverage the … Continued

Webinar | The Modern Campus: How to Differentiate through Brand Storytelling in Facilities

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On August 4, The New York Times published an article on The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas. This piece focused on how architecture spurs creativity on college campuses. From MIT’s Building 20 to Cornell Tech’s 2043 Plan, higher education institutions across the country are working to inspire collaboration and better ideas through their facilities. Listen as Jay … Continued

Webinar | How CU Denver’s Business School Marketed an Open House Event on Campus

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Webinars and open houses are a staple in higher education marketing and recruitment. Many schools are planning and hosting events to boost enrollment, but few think to leverage paid advertising in their promotion strategy. Are you interested in promoting and hosting an event on your campus? This 45-minute session will cover: Best practices for event marketing … Continued

Webinar | Google Performance Summit Recap

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Earlier this summer, Google announced several updates to its AdWords and Analytics products at the annual Google Performance Summit. These updates, focused on mobile + local targeting, were introduced to help advertisers better reach potential customers. Didn’t have a chance to learn about or try these new features? We’ve got you covered! During this free, one-hour webinar, we’ll discuss: Expanded Text Ads Responsive Display Ads Device Bid Adjustments Local Search Ads Similar Audience for Search … Continued

Webinar | What You Can Do to Better Engage Prospects

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In a recent survey conducted by StoriedU, college-bound high school students shared their feelings about their college admissions journey. They told us how much they use social media during their research process, on which platforms they want universities to engage with them, and what they think about the on-campus admissions presentation. In this webinar, you’ll … Continued

Webinar | Recruitment 2016 – Playing the Long Game with Your Lead Pool

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The enrollment game has shifted dramatically in the last few years in higher education. Lead flow is sluggish, conversion rates are soft, and overall enrollment is not on a strong upward trajectory anymore. Many colleges and universities are struggling to understand why they aren’t getting the same strong results they used to. The most common … Continued

Webinar | Trees Falling in Forests: Why Content Creation is Only Half of the Equation

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By now, everyone knows that quality, original content creation is key to any robust 21st century marketing strategy. Check that box and you’re done, right? Wrong. Just as important – and typically thought of secondarily or overlooked altogether – is content amplification. After all, does it matter if the darn tree fell in the woods … Continued

Webinar | Killer Content Offers for Higher Ed

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Annual reports. Viewbooks. Direct mail. Tired of the same old song and dance when it comes to higher education marketing? We are, too. It’s 2016 after all. As much as prospective students love receiving direct mail (because it feels #vintage, and that’s cool), they also want, need and expect the immediacy of digital information. Spice … Continued