What Gen Z & Millennials Need from Video

Webinar | Achieving the “Aha” Moment: What Gen Z and Millennials Need from EDU Video

The new 2017-18 fiscal year is just around the corner and many schools are building in budgets for video. In theory, anyone can make a video—86% of colleges and universities have a presence on YouTube. But in a sea of campus tours, student testimonials and flash mobs, how do you craft high-impact video that stands out and engages your unique audience?

During this free webinar, Google and Converge shared examples from some of the coolest video campaigns in the education space. You’ll walk away with insights on how to effectively integrate video storytelling to engage prospective and current students, alumni and more.

You can download the slides here. If you would like more information on the YouTube Director onsite services, you can find that here.

Check out the videos mentioned as examples in the session:


If you have questions following the webinar, feel free to tweet at us using #ConvergePresents or get in touch with Hayley, Melissa or Becky.

Melissa Chua
Melissa Chua
June 9, 2017