Webinar | Holiday Digital Advertising for Higher Education

Coffee with Converge: Holiday Digital Advertising Strategies for Higher Ed

Winter break is just around the corner. Is your digital advertising ready for another new year? While the holidays mean last-minute shopping, vacation and time at home with friends and family, we know that higher education marketers values this precious time (when campus is quiet) to dive into their marketing wishlists. So while your students are preparing for finals and thinking about their goals for the new year, take some time to discover new and exciting ways to optimize your digital presence.

This video covers a variety of topics related to digital advertising including:

  • Insights into which channels perform best and ways to maximize your spend in the new year.
  • Fun ideas to test and implement to get your team geared up for a new semester.
  • Answers to your pressing questions about digital advertising!

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Hayley Warack
Hayley Warack
December 5, 2017