Cushman & Wakefield Webinar on Facilities

Webinar | Top Facilities and Operations Challenges Facing College Leadership Today

One of our core values at Converge Consulting is to bring new and next thinking to the marketplace. In this free webinar, Craig Cassell, a global leader of the education practice at Cushman & Wakefield, talks about a campus essential: facilities and operations.

Why should you care?  

  • If you are a CFO: real estate may represent one of the single largest assets on your balance sheet.  
  • If you are a CMO: your buildings and facilities are key assets that drive the student experience and are a huge part of your product.
  • If you work in student recruitment: the brand, perception and appeal of your institution is a core driver of campus visits, enrollments and retention.

Craig has spent over 15 years of his career working with clients and is responsible for team assembly around the globe that focuses on creating and implementing strategic planning initiatives for educational entities. In case you missed it, here are three core takeaways from his webinar:

1. Student Needs and Wants

This slide provides fantastic clarity into what students at different types of schools might be most interested in.


Our recommendation? Further survey your current students to find out what within these buckets of needs/wants they specifically desire. Create a report card that focuses on how you are doing and how satisfied students are within each of these core areas.

2. Building Blocks of Student Experience

During the webinar, Craig spoke about seven key areas of the student experience. He mentioned that the areas schools are most focusing on are:  

  • Technology & Learning
  • Room & Board
  • Third Party Partnerships

Enhancing the Student Experience


Our recommendation? Create a Steering Committee for the Student Experience where one representative of each building block meets monthly. If each contributor reports success and shares insights on their goals, there would be a better shared understanding of overall movement to enhance the student experience.

3. Case Studies: How Institutions Make It Happen

The webinar shared great examples of how several schools, including University of Maryland, DePaul and UC Berkeley, have worked with Cushman & Wakefield on innovative strategies for use of assets and real estate.



Check out the recording and slides for more information.  

A special thanks to all of you who attended this webinar and for all of those who have a vested interest in the world of higher education. If you missed it, check out the webinar recording and slides on SlideShare.

Have questions? Contact Craig Cassell at Cushman & Wakefield.


Ann Oleson
Ann Oleson
November 18, 2016