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Inbound marketing for higher education.
Memorable marketing. Measurable results.

To attract, convert and delight the right prospects, you need a strategic inbound marketing plan.

The Converge team has over a decade of experience in conceptualizing and creating inbound marketing plans. Our strategists are experts in website redesign, content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), digital advertising, Google Analytics, brand and student recruitment.

We firmly believe that inbound is the future of higher education marketing. Join us on the leading edge of what's new and next — let's converge on your next website redesign or digital marketing project.

“We love working with Converge Consulting because they make our job easy. They understand the whole package—customer needs, design requirements, technology solutions, and digital marketing—and deliver to us exactly what we need to ensure content management success.”

-Lance Merker
President and CEO

"From student recruitment to alumni engagement, Converge understands higher education marketing at every step of the funnel. They have contributed their expertise to the development of segmented communication solutions that work wonders for our clients."

-Brian Niles
Founder and Chief Evangelist

"Converge is one of our chosen higher education partners. They truly understand and practice the tenets of inbound marketing. We admire their thought leadership and how they apply inbound to serve as a resource for the higher education market."

-Leigh Fitzgerald
Senior Inbound Marketing Specialist

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Memorable Marketing, Measurable Results:
What's New & Next in Higher Education Marketing

“The content in this book is wonderfully relevant for all marketing professionals.”

-Mary Baglivo, Chief Marketing Officer

“I've been waiting for someone to write a book on the shift in marketing for higher education for quite some time now. Converge nailed it!”

-Matthew Fradette, Sales Manager





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