Real Thinking. Real Solutions. 

Converge Consulting delivers Memorable Marketing with Measurable Results, helping colleges and universities all over the world positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement. We ask questions, probe for problems, listen intently and then gather our team for brainstorming sessions and deep data dives. We then come back with creative and innovative ideas and solutions.

Improving Your Digital Presence

Unlike other higher education marketing companies, Converge Consulting always leads with the web. We help you embrace and enhance your brand through:


Website usability, information architecture, content strategy, and design; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM); PPC, LinkedIn, display advertising; and social media plans/implementation and social media monitoring


Inbound Marketing
Blog development, Google Analytics, SEO, and social media plans/implementation and monitoring


Measurement & Analytics
Google Analytics training, assessments, and dashboards; and custom analytics projects


Digital storytelling, student success stories, faculty and alumni profiles, recruitment campaigns, and custom video projects


Research & Consulting
Data mining, personas, planning, assessments, alumni research, web surveys, focus groups, and adult student consulting


Brand Creative
Creative concepts, print communications, digital communications, and advertising

"We chose to work with Converge because they have a depth of experience in both analytics and higher education that we have not found with any other firm. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the analytics reports. Converge’s approach starts with 'what questions do we want to answer?' and builds an analytics approach to answer them. They help us figure out what the analytics really mean, and what we need to do to improve. So instead of spending our time wading through the 'what?', we spend our time thinking about the 'so what?' and the 'now what?'"
depaul.png  DePaul University