Vice President of Strategy

That means I: Spend time everyday helping schools reach their marketing goals through Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Media, Content Strategy and Social Networking. I spend a huge amount of time exploring new tools, techniques and strategies, which I find incredibly exciting.  

My coworkers say: I'm the go to for all technical questions in the office. No pressure.

I work at Converge because: I thrive in a collaborative and innovative environment where my ideas are heard and big things are getting done.   

What's measurable about me: My ticket stub collection. I have attended hundreds (maybe thousands) of concerts and sporting events and have the paper to prove it. My favorites are big music festivals and college games.

What's memorable about me: Since joining the Converge team, I have conducted Google Analytics workshops and Webinars for over 100 schools. Hopefully the people who attended those sessions have taken some memorable, actionable information back to their institutions. 

My "Iowa Nice" shines through when: The snow finally melts! 

When I'm not working, you can find me: Hanging with friends around the University of Iowa. My husband and I live just steps from campus. We've been known to host a mean game of bags in the front yard.


Becky's Recent Blog Posts

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