Big Data: Building a Data-Driven Competitive Edge

Chapter 2: Big Data: Building a Data-Driven Competitive Edge

This month we’re releasing chapter 2 of our book, Memorable Marketing, Measurable Results. “Big Data: Building a Data-Driven Competitive Edge” is now available for download in an eBook version. This chapter is full of practical tips, case studies and strategies – breaking down what’s new and next in the big data and marketing world and how to use it for higher education.


So what is big data? And exactly how “big” is it? “Big Data: Building a Data-Driven Competitive Edge” answers these questions and reveals the vast potential of big data that is worth tapping into.

Big data can benefit schools in three ways: prospective student recruitment, current student retention and alumni engagement. It’s time to start collecting and analyzing big data at your institution.

If you do nothing else, ask yourself these three questions to bring a little big data into your life:

  • What are your institution’s largest goals?
  • What data do you currently have that might help you achieve them?
  • Who are the people willing to think differently to achieve these goals?

Melissa Parrish, research director and principal analyst at Forrester says, “In 2014, big data will finally be put to good use as marketers stop waiting for insights to reveal themselves and start finding actionable paths through the information. This effort will affect channels across the marketing ecosystem, further breaking down silos that separate interactive and traditional marketing vehicles.”

Big data is here. And you want to be at the table.

We believe in it. We wrote the book. Dive into inbound marketing for higher education.

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Ann Oleson
Ann Oleson
February 19, 2016