The Measured Leader: A Handbook for EDU CMOs & Communicators

The Measured Leader: A Handbook for Education CMOs, Marketers & Communicators

As an EDU leader, you are charged with managing a number of responsibilities, stakeholders and initiatives. Results are the defining component of success in your role. Measured leaders need continuous visibility of multiple performance metrics to keep a pulse of all factors impacting their brand in the marketplace.

Mini Brand Scorecard for Higher Education

For the purposes of this ebook, we have grouped key performance indicators (KPIs) into four Organizational Measures that support your communications and marketing efforts: Engagement, Enrollment, Advancement and Reputation.


What does it take to excel in today’s changing landscape?

This tool supports measured leaders with insights as they track and measure success across the institution. Download this must-have resource kit and share it with your team to begin gathering information.

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Megan Bys
Megan Bys
April 9, 2018