3 Must-Attend Sessions at the 2018 Slate Innovation Summit

3 Must-Attend Sessions at the 2018 Slate Innovation Summit

Slate Innovation Summit in Chicago is just around the corner—literally and figuratively. The event is less than a week away and it also happens to be a short four-hour drive from our Cedar Rapids headquarters (or four-hour flight if you’re like me and work in our Philly office). This is our first-ever #SlateSummit experience, and we are excited to learn and connect with Slate users from across the nation.

Looking at this year’s all-star lineup of speakers, we are thrilled to have some immediate takeaways to help support our client partners using the Slate CRM. Still figuring out which sessions you’ll be attending? Let’s share notes and ideas. Here are the three sessions I’m most looking forward to attending:


Go with the (Work)Flow: Utilizing Workflows for Selection Processes

Presented by Catherine Madsen, Business Analyst, University of California Berkeley Graduate Division, and Brandon Phillips, Business Analyst, Georgia Institute of Technology


This session led by two business analysts from prestigious institutions will take a deeper dive into how different schools use communication workflows to make data-driven decisions for their admissions. This is a great opportunity for listeners to really understand, from an admissions perspective, how different touch-points throughout the prospective student enrollment journey help them make decisions.


Recruitment and Yield Efforts for Building a Class

Presented by Tim Heuer, Director, Enrollment Information and Analysis, Loyola University Chicago; Julie Hite, Assistant Vice President, Director of Admission, Rice University Undergraduate Admissions; Christine Murphy, Vice President of Enrolment, St. Josephs College, NY; Andrew Rosabianca, Director of Admissions Operations, Saint Anselm College


Countless stakeholders across the institution need to weigh in and a have a say in your enrollment marketing strategy. This conversation will focus on how all of these different areas work together with technology, social media and other resources to enhance the student experience. This will be a great opportunity to get direct insight on what processes take place within the recruitment cycle and the role your CRM plays in operationalizing your enrollment strategy across departments and teams.


Institutional Structure and Its Impact on Enrollment Management

Presented by Mark Butt, Associate Dean of Admission, International Recruitment, Emory University Undergraduate Admission; Tracy Nilsen, Director of Admissions Operations and Systems, Adelphi University; Valerie Schweers, Director of Enrollment Systems and Operations, Trinity University; Jeremiah Tudor, Director of Admissions, Georgetown College


This diverse group of higher education leaders will discuss how different institutional needs and objectives impact decisions. This includes how technology is handled, how projects are managed and how the landscape of universities change from year-to-year, and why/how that has an overall impact on enrollment management.


Converge + Slate Innovation Summit: See You in Chicago!

This year’s #SlateSummit is filled with rich content and innovative tech tools that will help higher education leaders make smarter decisions when it comes to marketing and enrollment. If you are attending, let us know. Stop by Table 17 in the Showcase, say hello and grab some swag. We are excited to discuss how our new and next digital marketing strategies can enhance your Slate enrollment journey and impact the prospective student experience in a meaningful way.


Connor Kelly
Connor Kelly
June 22, 2018