What I Learned from Google Training: YouTube Advertising

What I Learned from Google Training: YouTube Advertising

Seth Meyerowitz joined Google NY in 2018 after living in sunny California for more than four years. He has been working in the digital marketing space for the last decade and brings an array of Google Ads knowledge and digital marketing strategy. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Seth is a NYTimes Best Selling Author for a book about his grandfather’s WWII experience called The Lost Airman. Seth loves teaching and training and previously worked on Google’s Get Your Business Online initiative. One of Seth’s favorite things is to travel and experience new cultures through food. His favorite place is Spain followed by Thailand and Vietnam.

The Importance of Custom Audiences

To kickstart the training, we first learned the four elements of future advertising. This included:

  • Customized and Personalized
  • Automated
  • Integrated Advertising Channels
  • Transparent Attribution

Before we were trying to reach the broadest audience, but an unsegmented one. And even when we got online we were targeting content, and not people. Our world is changing, which means more digital, more automated and more hands off. From advertising to planes, you see something become a little more automated every day. We now have websites that do all of the tracking to give you the best results. We have planes that literally autopilot you to your destination with a captain simply monitoring the system. Don’t get me wrong, being a pilot still takes incredible talent, but the year over year change in the aeronautics industry is second to none. Overall, if you combine these four elements of new advertising, you are future proof.


Why Organizations Should be Using YouTube

Before Seth transitioned into YouTube, he had us group up and brainstorm a pitch as to why clients should advertise with YouTube over traditional advertising platforms. Our initial thought was to boast about the impressive numbers YouTube has obtained over the past thirteen years. Some of these numbers include YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world. Yep, you heard that right, a video based platform search engine is right behind Google. Now, YouTube’s numbers can be mind blowing, however the statistics alone are not going to sell the client.

The way I look at it, YouTube advertising is a powerful way to capture the emotional aspect of viewers. Whether that be through a comical skit to promote a product or an in the moment event that just recently occurred. Before, you’d have Google Search and YouTube as separate entities, but now you get the best of both worlds. For example, if you’re looking to jump start your car, some may go to Google to find the answer, whereas the newer generation is skipping right to YouTube to watch someone perform the instruction. We are now in a generation of Millennials and Gen Z that learn through video and visuals versus written step-by-step instructions.

Final Thoughts on YouTube and Digital Advertising

Before this training took place, I wasn’t aware of the possibilities for the future of advertising. After our training with Seth, I’ve learned that customized and personal audiences are super important to any client. The world of digital is constantly changing and with automation becoming prevalent in modern society, we all have to adapt. I strongly believe YouTube is the New & Next step for businesses and institutions not only for a marketing platform, but for content and branding. Along with YouTube, Twitch has grown immensely in popularity among younger generations. Check out a recent blog featuring Ninja on Twitch for Higher Education.

Kory Boebel
Kory Boebel
October 10, 2018