Text Messaging Strategies for Student Recruitment that Actually Work

Text Messaging Strategies for Student Recruitment that Actually Work

In the year 2018, colleges and universities are always trying to find new ways to better reach their prospective students and sway their decision on admitting to their respective institution. The rapid growth of technology and receiving information faster than ever has challenged institutions to think smarter when it comes to targeting specific students they want to enroll in their schools. For institutions that are not utilizing texting as a recruitment tool, they are behind the eight ball to say the least. According to our friends at Hustle, their 1:1 texting platform is designed to send personalize text messages for more efficient communication.

“Over 95% of 1:1 text messages are opened and read within 2 minutes and the average response time for a text is 90 seconds.”

If your institution is still deploying a mass blast text strategy, it’s time to implement a personalized texting strategy that will connect a prospective student with your institution, and thus get them to enroll.

We hear it all the time these days, “kids are always on their phones.” Whether it is for communication, social media scrolling, searching daily news topics, or other interests that a student may have, they want their information delivered to them via text. Alice Bailey, a consultant for Hustle, provides the statistics to back-up this notion.

“77% of students state that they want to receive relevant information from colleges via text, 76% of students would like to text a prospective college to ask questions, and 79% would prefer to receive text reminders from a post-secondary institution about an event or an application deadline.”

When it comes to recruiting or furthering your students engagement within your respective institution, students would not only like to receive that information via text, but love that personal connection with the messenger that cannot be replicated with an automated mass blast format.

Personalized text messages work within other capacities as well. Whether it’s a reminder text about registering for classes or financial aid, or letting a student know that an event or athletic game is happening, that personalization where feels comfortable—like they are talking to a person and not a robot matters. The more authentic and personalized that message is to a student, the more engaged he or she will be with-in that institution which will only increase the schools overall brand.

Do not have the internal team to help send and monitor the text messages your institution sends? Hustle works with over 100 universities and colleges to help leverage the gap between admissions and students to help further that relationship between student and school.

In this new age of immediately accessible technology and information, higher education institutions must adapt to what will further the connection between their school and their students. Furthering that relationship will not only bring in more quality students (that will stay), but enhance your brand for years to come.

Connor Kelly
Connor Kelly
October 31, 2018