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Top 3 Most Engaging Sessions at AMA 2018

The 2018 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education conference wrapped up last week in beautiful Orlando. This year’s event like every year is a great opportunity for the higher education community to collaborate on best practices when it comes to marketing, branding, advertising, and admitting students to their college or university. The event always promises to deliver fantastic sessions and great conversation and networking opportunities from all parties involved. There are always great sessions throughout the conference with highly influential speakers from marketing organizations as well as institutions around the world. Here are the three sessions that I thought were most engaging in this year’s conference.

Using Short-Form Video to Engage Gen Z

With a packed room and no empty seats available, this session went through how the use of short clip videos help enhance your institutions brand. The session included short clips from several universities using different brand ambassadors such as current students, famous alumni, and other strong figures that use short clip videos to engage their audience within a specific institution. The overall theme of the session was that it is important to present the right message at the right time through video that will further engage Gen Z prospective and current students with your school.

Are Old Marketing Tactics New Again? Insights from the Student Sentiment Survey

This session focused on a survey that two Senior Analysts completed from ACT in regards to marketing tactics that help them choose which college they want to enroll in. While there is an assumption out there that email is not an effective way to recruit students, ACT proved that theory to be incorrect. Out of the 4,741 high school seniors, juniors, and sophomores that were surveyed, as long as the email is personalized it is still an effect way to reach your target high school prospective students.

While both Senior Analysts recognized that social media and digital marketing are a threshold requirement in your recruitment strategy, email is still a very important component of a marketing strategy.

Living in the Moment: Developing A Marketing Strategy for Mobile’s Micro-Moments

The presentation began with a statistic from Google stating that 89% of mobile users are likely to recommend a brand after a positive experience with that brand on their mobile device. From there the session went into further detail about how making sure your digital marketing campaign is optimized for mobile and how universities should strive for mobile equal campaigns. Optimizing and seeing where your mobile audience is viewing your institutions content is important to get the most of your marketing dollars. When it comes to mobile you want your websites and content be useful and quick to access which will only enhance your chances on recruiting your target audience.

Converge is always happy to participate and be a part of the annual AMA conference and this year did not disappoint! It is always a great opportunity to network with current clients, other marketing vendors, and the higher education community on where we see the market going in the future.

Looking for another higher-ed conference to go to this year? Converge 2019 is right around the corner!

Connor Kelly
Connor Kelly
November 14, 2018