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Three Innovative Ideas from Campuses this Week

One of my favorite parts of working in Higher Education, is that I get to meet with incredible folks who are doing creative and unique things to impact their institution. During my most recent trips, I heard a few ideas that I felt were worth the philosophy of Copy and Share Everything! For what it is worth I was intrigued.

Undergraduate Campus Visit: Personalization Through Text

At the AMA Higher Education Marketing Consortium visit this week I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation on the power of the text messaging. I am a giant fan of text messaging and based on the presentation that Mongoose did, the data shows that students are as well. In my opinion, not only should every undergraduate, graduate, adult and online programs should be thinking about this as an option—based on the data, but we should be doing it in a very personalized way.

My favorite example during the presentation…”I was on a campus visit at SMU”…it was hotter than hot outside. I received a text message from my contact in admissions asking if I would like a bottle of water. After texting yes, no less than 10 minutes later a golf cart showed up to my campus visit location to share a bottle of water with me.”

Often times we overlook moments of personalization on an incredibly important conversion activity that could be the little action that makes all of the difference.

Sourcing of Partners: Procurement Gone Right!

Rutgers University has always been innovative in relation to the use of people time, resources and energy. Earlier this year we participated in a “qualifying RFI’ to see if we were a fit for the University. I am certain that they had hundreds of responses. We were absolutely delighted to be chosen as one of the pre-qualified vendors for work. One of the BEST things that I have seen a school do is to set up a Vendor Fair Day. What a great way for anyone at the University who might be interested in a partner to have a chance to see them all at once and not make dozens of individual inquiries. What an amazing chance for a vendor/partner to share the story of the current work that they are doing at the university with dozens of others—without pestering, and an inbound strategy to get much needed services and partnerships to be brought forward in a cost effective way.


Flipping the Corporate Recruitment Event:

During a wonderful conversation on corporate partnership this week with a client we were made aware of the ways in which a corporation was approaching a university and its students. Instead of just focusing on the “what’s in it for me,” Deloitte determined that only bringing alumni recruiters from that school to that school didn’t make sense. Instead they brought recruiters who had graduated from different schools (even competitors) to show the value of what they thought of the selected institution—and quite frankly cut through a bit of the bs. Another organization decided to engage at a deeper level and decided—not only am I going to entertain and attract prospective students through entertainment and events, but our corporate team is going to go and volunteer right alongside these students at a charitable organization so that they understand who we are, and our interest in the social good. Fantastic thinking and innovation.


There is no shortage of great ideas, and no better time to be creative in your approach to recruitment, partnerships with firms and connecting students to their futures.

Ann Oleson
Ann Oleson
November 30, 2018