Data-Driven Digital Marketing for Higher Education: Welcome to Converge University

Data-Driven Digital Marketing for Higher Education: Welcome to Converge University

A new year is just around the corner and that means you’re getting ready for a new semester, ramping up your digital marketing efforts and preparing for new application deadlines. Is your team ready to launch new marketing campaigns and monitor/measure their impact in 2019? There are countless platforms to monitor when it comes to advertising and marketing your brand and programs. You don’t have the time to track down campaign metrics, web traffic and CRM data all before the holidays. Even when you’re back from break, it’s likely that you’ll be hitting the post-holiday catch up wall that comes with every new semester.

If you are ready to work smarter, not harder (and want to sit back, relax and sip some hot cocoa) leading into the new year, consider the Converge University dashboard as our gift to you this holiday season.

Our Converge University dashboard is designed to solve three main problems when it comes to reporting on digital marketing campaign performance:

  • Access to real time data from all marketing campaigns and platforms
  • The ability to drill down by programs and different audience segments in one place
  • The ability to track overall demographic information, ad copy/creative and web engagement

Utilizing Google Data Studio, we have done just that. The first page of the dashboard provides an overall snapshot of available data giving you a view of overall KPIs, including click-through-rate, conversion rate, cost-per-lead, total lead volume and total spend. This data is then segmented to show performance by channel with the option to drill down even deeper to the program level. We also show how leads and spend are tracking month-to-month to give clear, immediate insight into ROI.

Key Performance Insights by Channel

For each advertising channel, Converge University dashboards allow you to include demographic information that is provided through the platform API. This gives dashboard viewers the ability to segment geography, age group, device and targeting information by program and analyze results in real-time. You can find key audiences for each program and further define which targeting tactics might be outperforming others.

Messaging & Creative Comparative Data

Another pain-point of traditional reporting is determining the best-performing ad copy and creative, especially across multiple programs and channels. With the Converge University dashboard, we are able to compare this data in one place to determine if better performing copy is consistent across channels or varies by campaign objective. We’re also able to monitor web traffic through Google Analytics all within the dashboard, creating custom reports for certain page engagement and events and monitoring overall KPIs including average time on page, average sessions and bounce rate.

Aggregating & Integrating Other Data Sources

Incorporating CRM data can also be done to compare against platform KPIs. You’ll get better insight into channels that are not only converting the most inquiries, but also understand which are driving higher intent audiences to move throughout the enrollment funnel. Utilizing these data pieces in conjunction with website engagement will help higher ed marketers better analyze how all marketing channels are working together to move potential students from awareness to enrollment.

Converge University Dashboards for Higher Education

At Converge, we are continuously looking for new and next solutions to provide more efficiency and transparency into performance metrics for both our team and yours. Interested in learning more about our Converge University dashboards? Reach out to get in touch with one of our consultants and learn more.

Taylor Gehrls
Taylor Gehrls
December 19, 2018