Converge 2019 Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Loretta Lawrence Keane from FIT

Converge 2019 Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Loretta Lawrence Keane from FIT

An interview with Loretta Lawrence Keane, Vice President for Communications & External Relations at FIT.


Converge Consulting (CC): When you first started your career in Higher Education, what was your first “win” that made you feel confident you chose the right path?

Loretta Lawrence Keane (LLK): I knew I made the right choice to pursue a career in higher education as soon as I started to get to know some of the students. I was young—as young or younger than some of them—and to know that telling their stories was changing their lives and giving further reinforcement to the paths they had chosen was a “win” in itself.

(CC): What are three things you are most proud of in your career in higher education?


  • Having encouraged employees to advance their own careers in higher education
  • Being part of a field and an institution that helps transform lives
  • One is always the work I am currently focused on and, right now, it is executing a brand and image initiative that for the first time is built on FIT’s long-range strategy goals.


(CC): What sparked your interest to be a speaker at Converge 2019?

(LLK): The work we are doing now in Communications and External Relations is integrally tied to FIT’s strategic plan and, if successful, will change the reputation of the college over the next ten years. We believe that making the strategic and brand goals interdependent is key to that success and want to share the process by which we are engaging our community in that discussion and making those goals part of every unit’s operational objectives.

(CC): Why do you think Converge 2019 would be beneficial for not only guests but also for FIT?

(LLK): I really do believe that those of us who work in higher education are “super learners,” people who are fundamentally drawn to lifelong learning and sharing what they learn. At its core, Converge 2019 provides that two-way opportunity and it’s a win-win proposition.

(CC): What does New & Next mean to you, and how could those strategies benefit your institution?

(LLK): New and Next means identifying aspirational goals and assessing how to reach them. We should always be looking past the horizon and I encourage colleagues and employees to employ both near and far-term thinking in their work.

(CC): What are the key takeaways from the FIT case study you hope Converge 2019 attendees capture?


  • That strategic and brand goals must align
  • That such goals must resonate for the institution and be credible and authentic
  • That those goals can only be reached through the engagement and participation of the entire institutional community


(CC): Would you consider yourself a left or right brain thinker?

(LLK): I would say that I have evolved to be a 60/40 left/right brain thinker. I inherently start from a place of logic, reasoning, and analysis and have learned to rely on and enhance my creativity, intuition, and imagination in order to be a more holistic thinker and a better problem-solver.

Loretta will be co-presenting an EDU Track Session: Owning the Creative Economy with FIT on Day 3 at Converge 2019 in Atlanta. Register now so you can get the opportunity to engage with Loretta and learn more about the cool things she is doing.

Kim Cortes
Kim Cortes
January 10, 2019