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Era of the Voice: 3 Trends Higher Ed Should Consider

The way we consume and digest content is an ever changing landscape. Now more than ever new technologies and devices are changing the way we educate ourselves about what particular events are occurring in today’s society. What is the newest technology that consumers are digesting? Let me give you a hint…

“Alexa, how many colleges are there from my current location?”

Voice over and smart speaker technology has officially arrived. The Amazon Alexa was the first device to see amazing results and it has challenged other industries to use this technology to their advantage. According to a study completed by Consumer Technology Penetration, the smart speaker technology has adopted faster than any other consumer device that includes, smartphones, television, internet, or radio.


So of course, this draws the question: What is in it for higher education? At our latest Converge 2019 conference, David Ciccarelli, the CEO of the largest voice over company in the world ( explained to our highly engaged audience the importance of voice over and trends they should consider when marketing and branding their institutions. Here are three trends you should consider when thinking about this new era of the voice.

Voice is Everywhere

Simple yet accurate. Smartphones, smart speakers, personal computers or tablets, voice over technology is everywhere inside and outside of classrooms. Making sure you know where and how your students are digesting voice is important for which specific content offers you want to produce.

Brands are Creating an Audio Experience

All brands should consider a specific audio presence as part of their marketing mix. This will not only enhance the overall brand awareness of your institution and programs, but will give students and prospective students another source to retain information.


Whether it’s podcasts, student promo YouTube videos, or audio books your online students are using for class, having your team realize which platform will work best for your school is key in enhancing your audio presence.

Vocal Archetypes Take Off

According to David during his presentation, the most popular voices are dominated by 3 vocal archetypes:


This is why it is important for colleges and universities to know who their students are and create personas about who that student is. What are they looking for out of your institution and what drives them? From there, you can decide which vocal archetype is going to resonate with that student best. It is important to have a vocal archetype that personifies the overall brand of the school. If they do not correlate with one another your entire audio strategy could be damaged.

Higher education is notoriously known for being late to the party in regard to new ways to influence current students and recruit prospective students. Voice provides another strategy to help marketing and admissions team achieve their recruitment goals and enhance the brand of their institutions.

Connor Kelly
Connor Kelly
April 16, 2019