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FAQ: Converge + RNL A Perfect Partnership

Eight years ago, May 2nd of 2011, Converge was incorporated as an organization with a big and audacious vision, two employees, a huge market, and hope to make a serious impact with the partners, people and work that we love. There isn’t another industry that we ever want to work in or for. In 2001, we fell in love with Higher Education and after 20 years are still enamored. Over the last eight years we have worked with some of the most impactful, fun and engaging brands and people in the Education space. We have had mad success, made mistakes, learned and grown, to a team of 50 individuals in Raleigh, NC and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The last four years we have made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in the US (which service businesses rarely do) because of the clients and people that put their trust in us. Today we are elated to say that we have joined the RNL team as part of their Higher Education family. Jay Kelly and I (co-owners and partners in the business since the beginning) will continue to work, dream and engage as part of the RNL team. We couldn’t be more proud of this day or the opportunities that exist as we move forward with a larger, more comprehensive and amazing team! We do hope that you will join us in that journey.

Who is Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL)?

Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) is the recognized leader in providing strategic fundraising and enrollment management services and software.

For more than 40 years, colleges and nonprofit organizations have turned to RNL to enroll the students they want, help more students graduate and succeed, and build lifelong relationships with donors. Their mission is to make colleges, universities, and nonprofits successful and vibrant with inspired and relevant engagement in:

Enrollment management: Recruitment, marketing, and financial aid services that engage the right students for each campus.

Student success: Retention assessments, analytics, and career services so students achieve their educational goals and secure their first job in their desired field.

Fundraising management: Annual, digital, major, and planned giving services that identify and excite donors who are ready to give.

Why did you choose to merge Converge with RNL at this time?

The Higher Education marketplace is in a continuous state of disruption from college admissions scandals to legislation on For-Profit institutions to affordability of a college degree. The ability to connect with prospective students and donors from an Omni-Channel approach is a constant challenge. Colleges weren’t built with the orientation to operate as businesses. Many Colleges and Universities are looking for a trusted partner that can help them with research, technology, and recruitment/marketing operations to support their goals.

From Inquiry to Enrollment – Enhanced Product Solution

Over the past three years our clients have increasingly asked for more products/solutions to help with recruitment past the point of inquiry to applications. RNL has 40+ years of helping partners like ours to move students through lead nurturing campaigns, emails, communication flows, texting, chatbots and conversion activities across the finish line. They immediately bring to Converge clients a comprehensive and robust approach that is both focused on ROI and data driven.

Leadership to New & Next

RNL as an organization has an intentional strategy to focus on and engage in New & Next thinking from digital engagement to analytics and ROI. Their newly minted CEO Sumit Nijahawan who has a PhD from Brown in Engineering and an undergrad in Physics and Chemistry understands and appreciates the importance of Higher Education. His degrees have led him from a consulting career at PWC to CTO and CEO roles at a multinational data controls and analytics software company. His vision for what the RNL brand of companies can deliver on and become to assist Higher Education in more effective recruitment, enrollment and fundraising is inspiring and refreshing. Over the next few years you will be excited about the creative and innovation solutions that are on the roadmap for the future. This will help our clients to leapfrog the competition and go from apologizing because we are Higher Ed Exclusive to the best of both worlds- Innovative and Smart with people who understand how to apply this to our world.

Graduate, Online & Adult Students

RNL has a commitment to solving clients challenges and creating amazing partnerships and solutions focused on results. The RNL team has a proven track record in Undergraduate recruitment and Fundraising of incredible success. With the power of the Converge team’s data, benchmarks, digital sophistication and research we know that all aspects of this product mix applied to graduate, online and adult will help our clients realize incredible success. We have layered on research, consulting and digital products that will revolutionize the work that these areas are doing and not make them dependent on OPMs to enroll and retain students.

Is the Converge name changing?

The Converge name isn’t changing in the immediate future. We have built a brand around doing new and next thinking and working with clients to realize tremendous results from our annual conference to continued partnerships. Over the next year we will determine how best to serve our markets and how the brand can most effectively be communicated. Net/net Converge was a strategic acquisition by RNL to layer on sophisticated digital to their products and to grow and enhance the current Converge customer. We love our clients, our partners, and are committed to Higher Education, regardless of our name.

How will current Converge Client’s Lives Change?

Every Converge client will continue to engage with Converge teams exactly as they are today. No Converge employees have been laid off, in fact our goal is to grow the Converge digital team significantly as we enhance digital capacity of RNL clients including undergraduate and fundraising. We couldn’t be happier to have additional support in the Finance, HR, Operations and Product areas. This is a complete win and will make both organizations stronger and to have the ability to serve all clients current and new in a more meaningful way!

Over the next few months RNL+ Converge will be hosting a series of webinars to further explore how this joint combination of services can impact the Education space. Reserve your spot for our webinar, From Inquiry to Enrollment: Comprehensive Higher Ed Solutions From Converge & RNL. We thank all of you for your incredible input into our vision for New & Next success. Jay and I personally would love to hear from you and would appreciate any feedback, thoughts or ideas that you have on how we can deliver the most impactful and beneficial products and services to the marketplace. We are eternally grateful for your support, trust and partnership.

All the best,


Ann Oleson
Ann Oleson
May 2, 2019