Evaluation of Your Marketing Organizational Structure in a Time of Digital Disruption

Evaluation of Your Marketing Organizational Structure in a Time of Digital Disruption

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to evaluate several marketing organizational structures across industries. My review of research included functional marketing areas, and what the marketing structure of the future could look like.

The current higher education marketplace is as complex as it gets with university wide, program specific marketing goals and budgets spread across the institution. Most marketers either have a point of view in which they are monitoring activity across different parts of the funnel or ROI on major initiatives. Without goals, tools and an organizational structure that solves for duality of strategy focused on short term growth and long term innovation, attribution is difficult to set up and measure. This specific blog focuses on how we can start to solve both short and long term organizational structure.

Below is my favorite organizational structure for marketers that I would encourage you to review. This is Hubspot’s marketing organizational structure and is called TOFU which stands for Top of the Funnel.


So what do we love about this structure?

  • Focuses on providing a buyer-driven inbound experience
  • Adds value through content and contextual marketing
  • Is steeped in buyer personas and delivering experiences
  • Organizes content as a dedicated function in the organization


Most modern college marketing organizational structures address the brand and buzz function very well. The product specific and demand generation piece tends to be very decentralized based on who the audience is: undergraduate, graduate, online, adult, continuing education, etc.

The key takeaways from this marketing organizational chart and key areas of interest that you may want to consider further are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (generating traffic to your website that you can capitalize on and turn into inquiries), with a specific content function this model plays off of what colleges are best at, creating amazing content that people are interested in and getting prospective audiences to opt into your funnel.
  • Product Specific Expertise (individuals who own the specific program or major and are experts in that area), with a specific nod to who the persona is, and how we engage that specific prospective student in a major or area with custom and personalized content.
  • Demand Gen Expertise & Sales Enablement (perhaps the area most college’s outsource or handle through inbound inquiries and admissions) as the ability to proactively communicate what your unique value proposition is to the consumer with a specific interest.


As we evaluate and review many different iterations of organizational structures, we realize that many of these functions are covered in one way or another within an organization. However, to truly move to a top of the funnel organization focused on bringing in the right prospective audience, there are a few pieces that could be thought about or organized in a different way.

For more conversations related to marketing organizational charts and how higher education can evolve their structures to better realize today’s enrollment and marketing goals, shoot me a note at ann@convergeconsulting.org

Ann Oleson
Ann Oleson
May 30, 2019