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The Ultimate ROI Product: Full Funnel Reporting

Are you a higher education marketing leader? Are the deans and provosts of your schools and programs asking you for visibility into return on ad spend (ROAS) or marketing spend? Is it a challenge connecting your ad spend to prospective student engagement and to inquiries, applications and enrollments? You are not alone.

Whether your monthly digital ad spend is in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions, you deserve to know the engagement and results that come from that spend. A lot of the times, the digital agency will only provide you with high level monthly roll-ups in a presentation. Some may even provide a dashboard with performances by campaign. Very few connect the dots and provide you with the impact of applications and the platforms and channels that leads to a prospective students inquiring.

We have developed a solution that enables our clients to see the benefit of full funnel reporting. From marketing spend and website engagement down to applications in their CRM, this capability helps our clients gain insights across the user journey, enables end-to-end tracking and measurement, and provides further insight into marketing performance of the channels/ tactics, campaigns, creative/messaging and other dimensions. By tying the applicants to prior touchpoints and web sessions, we are able to understand the activity of those individuals prior to application and analyze what differentiates them from the non-applicants. We are able to analyze their path, determine the drop-offs, improve our website, messaging and other marketing components to create a more engaged and relevant experience.


We helped one of our clients analyze the lead-to-app rates for the various digital campaigns and were able to identify the ones that performed the best. The performance was based on applications with a “lower funnel metric,” which is a far cry from impressions, or cost-per-impression, which are typically provided. With this information, the marketing leaders in the institution can make better decisions as to which channels to utilize, and which pages on their site are the most engaging. Now wouldn’t that be great?
There are requirements, constraints, and recommendations when deploying a Full-Funnel Solution which we’ll discuss in a future blog. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me an email at

GiaPhu Dao
GiaPhu Dao
June 12, 2019