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Spotify For Higher Education: The Power of Audio

Institutions now more than ever are looking for unique channels and platforms to engage prospective students with their University. One platform that is gaining tremendous momentum is audio advertising.

With 217 million users and 117 million of those users being reached by audio advertising, Spotify is the go-to audio platform to reach your audience in a way where traditional media cannot.


Spotify allows you to search your favorite artist or browse through collections of friends and celebrities, build playlists to save for later, get personalized tracks based on listening history and is enjoyed on your phone, tablet and more.

While listening, approximately every fifteen minutes, Spotify plays an ad that the user is unable to skip. With Spotify Advertising you have the opportunity to get your message heard at the right place and at the right time.

Spotify accounts for 36% of the market sharein regards to global streaming services. The platform also has the most youthful demographic base, with over half of users aged 34 or under, compared to Apple Music and Pandora listeners.


So, how can Higher Ed utilize Spotify?


Leverage Spotify’s Incredibly Engaged Audience



It’s no secret how Spotify is able to capture so many data points every day – 44% of users listen to Spotify on a daily basis and spend over 2 hours a day streaming music on their multiple devices. The average user also spends about 25 hours a month on the platform and listens to around 40 unique artists per week.

The more users stream, the more we learn. For example, knowing Millennials stream their music on mobile 68% of the time and listen to “chill” moods 14% of the time can influence a strategy for an Undergraduate campaign.

Drive Impact with Captivating Ad Formats



Spotify engages their users with three interactive ad formats; Audio, Video, and Display.

Audio Everywhere

Audio ads are served during the user’s active session and in between songs, ensuring your ad achieves 100% SOV. As the user listens to your ad your brand also takes ownership of an interactive display ad. This allows your campaign to drive traffic to a program page or a specific and relevant URL within your Institute’s website.

Video – Sponsored Session & Video Takeovers

With Sponsored Sessions, your brand becomes a part of an enhanced streaming experience. This ad format allows institutes to offer their audience 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching your video. This is done when the app is in view or at the start of a mobile device session. An interactive display ad appears inviting further engagement.

Video Takeover allows your University to tell its story by serving all ads to all logged-in users when the app is in view. This ad format has leading viewability scores compared to industry benchmarks and is served on both mobile and desktop.

Display – Overlay, Homepage Takeover & Leaderboard

Reach your audience with clickable display ads – Overlay is delivered to the user when they return to the app, ensuring brand impact for your University.

Homepage Takeover delivers a high impact experience by putting your brand in front of Spotify’s Home page for 24 hours. Homepage Takeover is clickable and supports rich media – encouraging your University to include interactive elements to further capture the attention of a prospective student.

Leaderboard extends your campaign reach in a brand safe environment, as your message is the only one displayed for 30 seconds. This format is clickable and allows your Institute to drive traffic outside of the app.

Audience Segmentation – Reach the Right People



With Spotify Ad Studio you are able to connect with the right prospective students and reach them in the right context.

The Right Audience

Age & Gender

Utilize Spotify’s first-party age and gender data.


Reach students according to language preference, which is determined upon registration.

Interests & Behavior

Leverage demographic-based and interest-based segments, crafted when Spotify analyzes user’s streaming behaviors + alongside leading third-party data in select markets.

The Right Context


Connect with students who are listening to music tailored around relevant activities or moods.


Engage with users after they have listened to a specific genre.


Serve campaigns based on user’s active platforms.

Location & Time of Day
  • Reach students in specific countries, regions, states, cities, or DMAs.
  • Connect with your audience at the right time – they’re engaged from morning to night.


How Streaming Drives Outcomes

Measure the success of your Institute’s campaign through Reach, Resonance and Reaction and utilize that data to better understand your audience and optimize where opportunity is present.


Institutions are always looking to test new platforms and additional channels that will help reach the next generation of learners and drive brand awareness for their University.

With Spotify’s highly engaged audience and targeting capabilities, schools can get in front of students at just the right time. Spotify creates the opportunity to reach potential students at the top of the funnel to generate that first touch point on their journey to enrollment.

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Sarah Stanis
Sarah Stanis
July 26, 2019