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Internal Knowledge Share: YouTube Updates

What’s New in YouTube?

YouTube is one of the fastest growing advertising channels, and with the new features being rolled out by Google Ads we think YouTube deserves our attention. YouTube Ads have several interesting new features including TrueView for Action, Ad Sequencing, and Brand Lift 2.0.

TrueView for Action

TrueView for Action isn’t exactly new, but there are some new features that make this format more effective than ever.

TrueView for Action is essentially a format to help drive leads on YouTube ads by adding a Call To Action (CTA) button to the ads and optimizing Google’s algorithm for leads.


In addition to the visual formatting differences, TrueView for Action allows for more functional Custom Intent targeting by linking users’ searches to the YouTube ads. As an example, if a user is searching for “MBA programs in Idaho” on Google Search, they will be served an ad on YouTube for an Idaho institution. This cross-talk within the Google ecosystem is something that helps set YouTube ads apart from the competition.

Ad Sequencing


Ad Sequencing is a relatively new tool from Google that allows advertisers to show content in a particular order, so Ad 1 must be shown to John Smith before he sees Ad 2, etc. This allows the advertiser to warm up an audience with bumper ads or shorter-format ads with the intent of showing them a longer format ad once they are more receptive. Ad Sequencing is a powerful way to tell a story or make a sale more strategically than other ad formats.

Brand Lift 2.0

Brand Lift 2.0 is a new way to measure results of you YouTube campaigns. Brand Lift uses surveys to measure campaign performance by giving a survey to a control group as well as users that have seen your ad. By comparing the difference, advertisers can measure how much of an impact the video ad had on the users.

Unlike the first version, Brand Lift 2.0 puts advertisers in control of the surveys. Advertisers can now measure key metrics such as Ad Recall, Awareness, Consideration, and Favorability throughout the duration of the campaign. This also allows for the option to use Max Lift Bidding as a bid strategy, optimizing ads based on the results of the Brand Lift survey.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about these New & Next strategies, feel free to contact me at or any of our marketing or business development staff.

Patrick Hagan
Patrick Hagan
August 23, 2019