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Google Enters the Game of Lead Generation Forms

In the world of digital advertising, Lead Generation forms are an excellent medium for reaching users. Lead Generation (Lead Gen) forms are fast and easy for users when requesting more information, which typically results in higher lead volumes. For this reason, we often recommend using Lead Gen forms for clients.

Several weeks ago, Google announced their much-anticipated Lead Form Extension for their Search campaigns. This form works similarly to those found on Facebook and LinkedIn by triggering a form to pop-up instead of taking users to a landing page.

This sounds great! So, what’s the catch?

There are a few caveats with Google’s Lead Form Extension. Many advertisers take advantage of Google Extensions, so adding one more extension into the mix can get lost in the noise. Without user’s familiarity of the Lead Form Extension, many may gloss over them. For some users, using Lead Gen forms is a new concept and it may take time for them to feel comfortable using this method of requesting information. However, as time goes on and Lead Generation Forms see more widespread adoption, it is likely Lead Form Extensions will grow in popularity among users. And while this is speculative, it would make sense that Google will continue to develop the Lead Generation tactic, perhaps creating a separate Search campaign type where all clicks trigger the form to appear instead of just one extension.  For now though, Lead Gen is limited to the extension for Google Search.

So, don’t expect massive lead volumes from the Google Lead Form Extension. They are, however, a good way to increase visual presence with your Search ads and can help to supplement your Google Search lead volumes.

Patrick Hagan
Patrick Hagan
December 19, 2019