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As data-driven digital marketers, Converge leverages unique expertise with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Data Studio to deliver real-time interactive reports for our partners to provide maximum access and transparency into campaign performance across all channels.

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Assessment

Converge will audit your current GA/GTM implementation to uncover and fix any broken or out-of-date setups. We will help streamline your data in Google Analytics so that you and your stakeholders gain key insights that positively impact your content and enrollment marketing decisions. We’ll also evaluate your campaign tracking strategy and ensure consistency in your methodology for tracking engagement across channels and initiatives.

Audience Mapping & Advanced Reporting

Converge will identify your key audiences and develop appropriate goals and conversion checkpoints throughout their customer journey. Beyond audience mapping, we’ll help you define key KPIs and implement custom dashboards and reports in Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. Whether it’s looking at brand awareness or advancement data on annual giving or measuring engagement on your institution’s home page, we’ll design a real-time interactive solution for you and your stakeholders.

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Data-driven User Personas

Data-Driven Personas leverage your existing data and insights about core audiences to develop differentiated segmentation and targeted messaging that will move your leads to inquire, apply and enroll. These unique tools provide insights around gender, geography, professional roles, feeder schools and job market data to identify new markets and grow your enrollment and revenue.

Full-Funnel Reporting

Full-Funnel Reporting allows for the unified collection, tracking and visibility of selected enrollment marketing data and KPIs from advertising to enrollment. Converge will lead your team through the integration of Google Analytics accounts, campaign platforms and CRM systems (including Slate, Salesforce and most relevant higher education relationship management systems) to connect the dots between your top-of-funnel marketing activity and its impact on the students in your system.

Campaign Performance Dashboards & Reporting

We will create comprehensive Google Data Studio reports that allow you to monitor campaign performance real-time across all advertising channels. Data can be then filtered in a variety of ways to analyze ongoing trends, guide campaign optimization and showcase ROI.

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