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Converge crafts high-impact integrated media mixes that combine the power of paid social advertising, search engine marketing, programmatic display, traditional media and strategic New & Next channel opportunities to deliver your target audience segments from awareness to enrollment.

Digital Marketing Assessment

We look at your digital strategy, channel mix, messaging/ad creative, performance metrics and overall tracking efforts to ensure you are making the most of your opportunities.

Integrated Media Plans

We develop custom plans that reach, engage and convert your target audiences while maximizing ROI. Our innovative targeting tactics combine the power of programmatic display, search engine advertising, social media advertising and New&Next channels.

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Social Media Advertising

We partner with colleges and universities to harness the power of Social Media Advertising and pioneer channel strategies for up-and-coming and evolving mediums like Reddit, YouTube, Snapchat and Spotify.

Display Advertising

We help build brand awareness and allow institutions to implement tactics like behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, lookalike modeling and website targeting based on available user data.

Geo-Based Location Targeting

We can serve ads to feed schools, businesses, airports, conferences, neighborhoods or even specific households using ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT and SAT lists.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We will partner with you to design an impactful SEM approach with Google Ads and Bing Ads that makes the most of every dollar allocated to search.

Landing Pages

We take a user-first approach with segmented messaging to generate Landing Pages that turn strangers into visitors, visitors into leads and leads into qualified prospects for your programs.


Retargeting consumers with ads as they browse online is a great way to remind them of your brand and programs. Implementing a search retargeting campaign can also help you capitalize on previous website visitors who continue to search for related schools and programs.

Ad Creative & Design

We will collaborate with your team to curate creative concepts that capture and reflect your brand identify, core messaging themes and strategic institutional objectives aligned with ad specs.

We help top institutions succeed in the digital age.

Northwestern Engineering & School of Communication

Digital Dexterity for Chicago Graduate Communications and Engineering Programs


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